Pablo RasteR studio

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10931110_10152501968231852_6013017850243742843_nName: Pablo RasteR studio

Description: This studio is located in the center of the medieval town of Spoleto, famous for its history and art festivals.

In studio were produced many reggae and dub album, like

The Dub Club / RasteR (2014)
Dub Fighters / Dub Fighters (2013)
The Tribe / RasteR (2012)
Space Holidays / DMA (2011)
dubVolution / RasteR (2010)

10906248_10152501968371852_7475711947493373429_nThe studio has the usual DAW and hardware you can find in many studios 🙂 and has accomodation up to 6 people.


Location: Spoleto / Italy


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