Weeding Dub – “Still Looking For”

Weeding-Dub-Still-Looking-For-Cover2 years after “Inna Digital Age” French producer Weeding Dub came back with a new album. “Still Looking For” is a continuation of the style that he got us to know himself from the best side – a combination of electro-steppers with UK dub sound. When you add great arrangements coming out of well-worn schemas and good singers you Weeding-Dub-photo-vertic-by-Qwestget a very energetic mixture. The least interesting tune of the album for me is the calmest ‘Love’ with Parvez who doesn’t seem to fit at all here. However, Little R sounds much more interesting on the same riddim. In general, singers with a good flow plus Weeding Dub riddims is a very good conjunction – for example ‘Check Yourself’ with Oulda, ‘Free’ with Inja or Demilition Man. The arrangement side is very rich, there are a lot of details and great instrumental parts, that can be heard since the very first tune with a beautiful violin sound by Ras Divarius; ‘Shadow Soldiers’ sounds like an action movie soundtrack!

I left one tune for the summary – ‘Sound System DNA’ with amazing Mark from Iration Steppas and his speech. Ain’t much to say here – this tune is an absolute killer soundsystem anthem, period. It’s also the best signature of this great album.



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