[Review] “Sounds From The Ark” – The Rockers Disciples meet The Producers

rockersThis is one of the best reggae albums I’ve listened to over the past few years. Ten incredibly beautiful tracks, rich, delightful and full of musical joy. It can’t be otherwise when you look at the musicians and producers – Blackboard Jungle, Prince Jamo, Don Fe, Roberto Sanchez, Ras Divarius, Joan Hoareau, David Garcia, Greg “Jata”, Clem Bernard, HP Barnet, Julo Gazeau, Jaime C.Montes, Gorka Fernandez and Harold Wolters. I credit them all here because they deserve it as hell.

Everything on this album is worth highlighting – amazing arrangements and compositions, diversity of instruments and melodies, excellent vocals by Prince Jamo, the sound of each section, warm and nonplastic overall taste of this vibrant music coming from the speakers.

Take this album to a party, picnic, your car, for a walk. A truly masterpiece for everyday enjoying  reggae!

Release Info:

Release ID: BJLP003

Label: Blackboard Jungle

Format: LP / CD

Produced by Blackboard Jungle & Rock Dis

A1 Water of Life
A2 Mountain Rock
A3 Abyssal Groove
A4 Same old Story
A5 Lightning & Thunder
B1 Earth Rumbles
B2 Mystic Wind
B3 Jungle’s Calling
B4 Fire Rises
B5 Sky Melodies


Bienvenue Sur Blackboard Jungle


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