[Release info] Mungo’s Hi Fi – “African ting riddim” (Dumbarton Rock)

DUMBY01_ANew 7” from Mungo’s Hi-Fi camp, this the first release from new label Dumbarton Rock.

“Dumbarton Rock is a brand new rub-a-dub label which pays homage to the foundation masters while bringing a breath of fresh air to them. It is named after the ancient capital of Alt Clud, the last stronghold of the Britons, frequented by King Arthur, Merlin and St Mungo. Now Mungo has returned with some crucial cuts brought back from Jamaica, featuring live instruments, tape mastering and vocalists with vibes. Ranking Joe, Shanti D, Ranking Levy and Cheshire Cat set a torch to vanity and greed.
The two 7” singles are limited to a 500 hand numbered press. They will only be shipped direct from Scotland www.scotchbonnet.net – no digital, vinyl only, no repress.”


A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Shanti D & Ranking Levy – Total disaster
B. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Disastrous dub
A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Ranking Joe – Snap a selfie
B. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Cheshire Cat – Roll with no vampire



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