High Tone – “Ekphrön” (CD)

Ekphron-2014High Tone has made a remarkable position on dub scene through the years of their playing and cooperating with other dub artists. This band is a solid brand of French dub and great example of musical creativity, vision and exploration of various musical ideas.

Latest album – “Ekphrön” – makes up a great proof of above statement. This time the musicians takes us to a psychedelic trip and this trip won’t give you easy answers. Be ready for synth sounds drilling your mind. Be ready for harmonies followed by wild wobbles. Large pads and instruments chords, all of this exchanging like in kaleidoscope. Expect the unexpected. Here dub is one element of a puzzle. A puzzle which is hard to solve but it is OK – each element can be the most important, not the whole picture.

If you like dub in a classic, more “regular form” then I don’t know if this album is for you. But if you, like me, love to introduce some chaos to your mind, then don’t waste time and go for it. And make very loud when you will come to the centre of this release – “Raag step” – insane…




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