Rockin’ in Babylon with Ghetto Priest & Positive Thursdays in Dub

Rockin’ in Babylon with Ghetto Priest & Positive Thursdays in Dub

Positive Thursdays and HolyVooDou Music invite you to watch the unique music document “Rockin ‘in Babylon!” As Ghetto Priest says “Who are we without a story?”

It started with a recording session in Jinx Recording Studio and unexpectedly ended on telling the fascinating story of Wroclaw-based band. “Rockin ‘in Babylon’ is a story that proves that seemingly crazy ideas can become a reality. This humble and personal story that began long before this film. Meeting and working in the studio with Ghetto Priest, one of the most flamboyant and creative performers to have emerged on the UK reggae scene that works with Asian Dub Foundation and Adrian Sherwood it’s a prove that you always need to believe in what you doing. The main role in this movie plays music without unnecessary words.

The band was formed in 2011 as a natural extension of the oldest programs about reggae in Poland – Positive Thursdays, broadcast continuously since 2006. The need of the moment, as well as a passion for dub, initially created a project that, with time expanded by new members and eventually as a live act (selector and brass section) start playing regular gigs. 2015 was a breakthrough year for Positive Thursdays in DUB. With the passage of time, next step was about to take so DJ live act turned into a full-fledged band.  However the main goal has not been changed – it still shows the broad spectrum of reggae and dub, which Wroclaw-based group presents a unique and conscious way.

The soundtrack features rearranged versions of the original songs, most of which will be on the new Ghetto Priest album “Every Man For Every Man,” which will be released on RamRock Records, and produced by Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound).

Positive Thursdays and HolyVooDou Music invite you to watch the unique music document “Rockin ‘in Babylon!” As Ghetto Priest says “Who are we without a story?”

Release date: March 2017

Directed: Rafał Konert

Camera: Andrzej Kużas

Editing; Andrzej Kużas, Andrzej Pacyna

Production: Positive Thursdays, HolyVooDou Music

Music by: Ghetto Priest, On U Sound, 08001, Positive Thursdays in DUB

Run Time: 61 min

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“Journey to Jah” in Polish cinemas

“Journey to Jah” in Polish cinemas

posterFrom 26th of September Polish art cinemas will be playing a documentary of Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer “Journey to Jah”. So far its projections has been performed during summer festivals like Ostróda Reggae Festival or Regałowisko. Now – thanks to Against Gravity – it will be possible to see it across Poland.

Gentleman i Albarosie are two big names of modern, European reggae scene, very popular in our country. When I was very fresh disciple of reggae phenomenon I was discovering them through Gentleman’s music, whose videoclip I hit watching German music channel Viva. Since today I like to get back to his album “Journey to Jah”. In the movie both musicians show us Jamaica with its culture, full of contrasts. We get to know stories about their way from western world to the small, fascinating island, which has left such great musical and cultural legacy to the world.

About movie

“Journey to Jah” paints a varied picture of the importance and spiritual meaning of reggae on the Caribbean island, where music is used to fight violence, sexism and poverty. As Alborosie says, “God lives here, but Satan too”. For seven years, filmmakers Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer followed the two “Jamaicanized” artists on their flight from Western consumerism and their search for the roots of the Rastafarians and reggae music, and for a way to give meaning to their lives. Several musicians on the island support them along the way. They play together on the streets and are faced with the joyful, but also harsh reality of life on the island. Footage focusing on their lives as musicians is interspersed with interviews and stylized montages of scenes from everyday life. The result is a kaleidoscopic impression of a world where music serves as a path to unity.


Germany/Switzerland 2013, 92 min

Script, directors: Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer

Director of photography: Marcus Winterbauer

Editors: Michelle Barbin, Christoph Senn

Sound design: Patrick Böhler

Music: Beat Solér

Cast: Tilmann Otto aka Gentleman, Alberto D‘Ascola aka Alborosie, Theresa Williams aka Terry Lynn, prof. dr Carolyn Cooper, Devon Gayle as Natty, Richard Stephenson aka Richie Stevens, Balfour Constantin Bailey aka Jack Radics, Damian Marley

Producers: Renè Römert, Jan Krüger

Production: Port-au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion in cooperation with z:Pixiu Films

Distribution in Poland: Against Gravity

Chosen festivals and awars: 2014 – PLANETE+ DOC FF, 2013 – IDFA Amsterdam, 2013 – MFF Zurych: Audience award.

About distributor

logoAgainst Gravity is one of the leading arthouse film distribution companies in Poland, founded in Warsaw in 2004. It distributes high-quality documentary and feature films. Its distribution channels include i.a. cinemas, public and private television, VOD, home video and education market. Against Gravity has distributed such titles, as Oscar-nominated “Waltz with Bashir”, Werner Herzog’s “Encounters at the end of the world”, Giorgos Lanthimos’ “Dogtooth”. In 2011 Against Gravity was nominated for the prestigious Polish Film Institute award for the best distributor of foreign films.

For more information please visit and fanpages of AGAINST GRAVITY and PLANETE+ DOC on facebook.


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