Dubateers&Zareb – “One Day”

Dubateers&Zareb – “One Day”

11069451_10204137338329401_499678313_oThe newest Dubateers’ album will soon hit the streets. Nick “Dubateers” – one of the pioneers of heavy dub sounds from the UK invited talented Jamaican vocalist Zareb to compose and sing over the riddims.

The first song with wicked organ sound slowly introduces us to the album. We hear “This is Zareb!” as a welcome message, the introduction continues next in “Congo Bongo Natty”, a digital riddim but when the heavy bass comes we know what is the foundation of Dubateers…And we jump into “Jah Jah A Di Ruler”, a modern dub riddim with sharp synths. LP’s title track “One Day” is a classic sound system mash-up tune in a rootical style with a fast tempo and horns part, supported by a dub version. Then the heaviest tunes take control – yes, if you know Dubateers’ rollers like these ones from “Dub From The Vaults” series then you know what kind of earthquake you can expect. A pure, digital, heavyweight style.

What is very good on this album – Zareb use his voice in many different flavours and his vocal is very catchy and melodic, from chanting to chatting. The final track – mashing “Roll River Jordan” is a great summary of this original album.

Ale take a look at beautiful, colourful, painted album’s artwork by ArtJahGuidance.


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