[Review] Dubateers & Friends – „Dubplate Attack”

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dubateersWhen I was listening to the opening track from this album, I thought that this gonna be the most eclectic album by Dubateers so far. „Beat It” – a famous tune by Michael Jackson sounds very nice in a dub style! The next one „Roots Power” with vocals of El Indio also is in a slightly different, soul-dub mood, as well as „Humanitarian Crisis” or „Monster Mix”. For me all these tracks for are paying tribute to the sounds of electronic music 80s/90s – all this long pads, drums structure, and especially synth sounds! I really love them, they are one of the best I’ve recently heard in modern dub productions.  It’s very refreshing for me to hear some different approach to modern dub compositions. Of course we still hear Dubateers’ hallmarks – soft drums and little bit crushed hi-hats and cymbals, fast basslines. Moreover, we get some tracks with Nick’s unique digi-dub style – from excellent, more rootical „Production” with Brother Culture, old-school „Hola Medi” with Singer Blue, through pounding steppa in „Learning Curve” with I-Mitri or very moody and dark „Take Care Of Another” featuring Sista Jane on the vocals.

This album is confirmation of Dubateers skills in using the dub art – reusing, innovating, playing with music, continuous act of creating and re-creating, composing and decomposing into something new. Dub is not only music without vocals, it’s not only putting echoes and reverbs. It can be if you want to see it in that way, but the real pleasure starts if you find how it can enrich your whole perspective on music.




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