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[Release Info] D-Operation Drop – “Liberation Ep” (Moonshine Recordings)

Another talented crew in Moonshine Recordings stable. Italian project D-Operation Drop presents their 3 heavy, bassy and dark instrumentals. “No-mercy” ...
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[Review] Bony Fly feat. Sr Wilson – “Trumpets Dem Blow” / versions (Cubiculo Records)

Cubiculo Records has not been releasing steppa tunes for a while, but they are back in a champion style. The ...
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[Review] Bukkha ft. Killa P – “Death Chat” (Dub-Stuy Records)

Forthcoming release from Dub-Stuy Records connects two worlds to create really dangerous one. Dub meets grime here, Bukkha’s heavy riddim ...
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[Release Info] Digid – “We Nah Go” / “Digital Time” (ZamZam Sounds)

ZamZam Sounds’ release number 53 brings Belgium producer Digid with forceful, digital steppa vibes in “We Nah Go”. On the ...
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[Review] Longfingah – “Urban Mystic” (GuerillJah Productions)

“Urban Mystic” is the 4th album of German MC Longfingah. The first sneak that this is the album of a ...
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[Review] Trigram Six: Musai Soundworks – “Hoinar” / Alpha Steppa – “Ro Heath” (Steppas Records)

Alpha Steppa, who has already announced his next LP, in the meantime continues the Trigram series with tribal bass music ...
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[Review] Vibronics Meets Conscious Sounds – “Blaze A Fire” EP (Scoops Records)

After the excellent album “Half Century Dub”, Vibronics and Conscious Sounds thankfully continues their collaboration and musical journey. This EP ...
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[Release info] Stand High Patrol – “Tribute To Tha Originators” (Stand High Records)

“Tribute to Tha Originators” is the second extract from the Stand High Patrol’s forthcoming album “The Shift” (May, 26 2017) ...
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[Review] Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Johnny Clarke – “Rain keeps falling” (Scotch Bonnet Records)

A very nice “gift” for Record Store Day 2017 has come from Mungo’s Hi Fi family. Old-school vibes provided by ...
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[Review] ZamZam #51 / #52 (ZamZam Sounds)

Two recent releases from ZamZam Sounds should satisfy all fans of heavyweight dubs and both of them will do this ...
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