[Review] Dubkasm meets Iration Steppas – „CM4400 EP” (Dubkasm Records)

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dubk028-logoAttention for all dubheads – a big, big release hits the streets today! Double 12” prepared by the masters of dub – Dubkasm and Iration Steppas is a time machine to the specific sound of Dread & Fred, Sound Iration or many others from the 90s – you will feel that vibe flowing mainly through the mid-section – broad pads, old-school synths,  sharp keys or snares.

Speaking of mid-section – it’s the rich kingdom of the first 12” from this release, prepared by Dubkasm. This is absolutely stunning what these guys can do with reverbs, delays, flangers and other effects. Especially „Progression” and „Outer Realm” are masterpieces, you can just dive into the universe of sounds, emerging and vanishing slowly or quickly, you just relish each tone and change in the sonic structure of each part. We all love solid basslines, they ship energy as hell, but these tunes remind us how much beauty in comes from upper sections. This is the magic of dub.

The second 12” brings us remixes by Mark Iration and for me it’s the best work he has made recently. It’s hard to describe for such fan of High Rise studio as me what I felt during the first listening „Destination Highrise”… If the terms like „riddim full of culture!”, „this one is entitled  the scud missile dubwiseeeeee” give you the shivers, then you will know what I mean. When you listen warrior-style remix of Dubkasm’s „No Retreat” you also know it’s Iration Steppas in da house. Reverbated basslines, strong drum rhythms, long echoes – „year 3000 style” at its best!

A must have release. Grab it here: https://rwdfwd.com/products/dubkasm-cm4400-ep/

PS. The name of the EP comes from the Soundtracs CM4400 console in the duo’s Bristol studio (artwork based on the original 1986 manual).



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