Dub Temple # 50 – Kibir La Amlak // 26.10.2013 // Kraków

dt_kibir_550DUB TEMPLE # 50


26.10.2013, Kraków, Kawiarnia Naukowa ul. Dajwór 16.

Start: 21.00

Wstęp: 25pln


KIBIR LA AMLAK feat. JT, Stamina Li & Mulu (UK)


GREGORY P / Natural Unite



Na tą wyjątkową bo pięćdziesiątą edycję Dub Temple zaprosiliśmy wyjątkowych gośći. Po raz pierwszy w Polsce zobaczymy wybitny brytyjski sound system wagi ciężkiej Kibir La Amlak. To osadzony w Bristolu  trzyosobowy kolektyw, który przebojem  wdarł się do ekstraklasy wyspiarskich sound systemów, wydając nieprzeciętne single i grając niezapomniane sesje na największych europejskich imprezach dub obok największych nazwisk sound systemowego świata. Na swoim jedynym polskim show zagrają w pełnym składzie: dub master JT, Stamina Li MC oraz  niesamowita wokalistka i multiinstrumentalistka Mulu. Do zobaczenia 26.10.2013 w Kawiarni Naukowej.


KLAKIBIR LA AMLAK (Bristol, Londyn / UK)


Kibir La Amlak (an Amharic term which translates as: Glory to JAH) is a roots and culture sound system playing conscious reggae music.


Spiritually the aim of the sound is to create an atmosphere which is conducive to experiencing the divine qualities of music and the JAH given gift of wo/mans ability to connect with the Most High through the power of rhythm, harmony and word sound.

Materially the sound system in terms of equipment is constructed in such a way to give listeners the chance to be fully submersed in the power of the full spectrum of frequency, making the experience physical as well as audible. The drum and the bass can be literally felt in the body, giving direct connection to the African heartbeat that pervades the music.

Although we acknowledge there is a degree of materialistic / egotistical desire in the sound system tradition, we pray that the giving of Glory to JAH is experienced as first and foremost when we play. In this way a balance between both spiritual and material can be maintained.

Alongside the sound system Kibir La Amlak also runs a studio and record label to further promote and push the works.

For more info and to keep updated on sessions / releases check:


The sound started as a two box youth sound in the 90’s playing at house parties and community centres. From those times till now the sound has stayed with the tradition of being 'homegrown’. Everything from the tweeter boxes to the amp racks and the dubplates played through it are hand built.

JT and Stamina Li first linked in 2005, under the ’12 Jewels’ camp along with Aslan formed the Horns of Jericho Sound System, then in 2007, JT and Stamina, set up a new sound named Teshuvah Hi-Fi. In 2008, after a period of reflection and meditation the sound emerged with a new name, Kibir La Amlak (meaning 'Glory to JAH’ in Amharic).













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