Dub dla Filipin

1656059_601109856624412_1138260812_nMuzyka ratuje życie! Przyjrzyjcie się bardzo ciekawej inicjatywie i pomóżcie, a w zamian dostaniecie dwupłytowe wydawnictwo z najlepszymi dub produkcjami, zmasterowanymi przez Russa D. Pieniądze ze sprzedaży pomogą ludziom na Filipinach (poprzez działania fundacji Virlanie Foundation).

Strona:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/569384379798922/


Poniżej informacje od organizatorów przedsięwzięcia:


After the terrible disaster in the Philippines, we could not sit back and watch it in front of our TV or our computers arm.

We had to reach out to people who have suffered and are suffering. These are the values ​​we stand for. 

This is why I decided to bring friends, partners to produce 1000 DOUBLE CD under the project title „Dub for Philippines”, sell and so raise money for The Philippines

You can find the FAN PAGE on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/569384379798922/

We wish to produce and sell a double CD of 30 tracks entitled „Help’in DUB” with the presence of some big names producers / labels / dubmakers. The CD is already mastered by RUSS DISCIPLE


            All profits will be donated to the Manila-based VIRLANIE association.

  – Pressing 1000 CD in Vocation records http://boutique.vocation-records.com/pressage-cd-digipack-3-volets-2-cd/740-digipack-3-volets-double-cd-livret-4-pages.html = 1648,72 €

 – Manufacture 2000 stickers (at TONTON PATCH) http://lebruit.free.fr/tontonpatch/impression/stickers.html= 55 €

–  SDRM (sacem) Fees = 1000€

This amount we hope to reap on Ulule allow us to start manufacturing CD. Then we  can sell at live act, sound system session, to find them in records stores specialized, to raise as much money for VIRLANIE the foundation.

The Philippines need us, we need you .


„Two months after the typhoon, the situation in the Philippines is still a concern for thousands of survivors. We met families who have lost everything. Assistance they receive is often ad hoc and rice stock runs out quickly. VFI is committed to being present with affected populations in the short term and in the long term. We are planning a three-year program combining reconstruction, support for livelihoods and vocational training.
Dominique Lemay share a second mission of emergency this weekend on the small island of Llacaon north -east of Negros. Thanks to your donations, the team will distribute food, drinking water and medicine to nearly 350 families with a value of 3,500 euros. These survivors will soon be relocated near Cadiz Viejo on the Big Island of Negros where they are better protected from typhoons. They will benefit from the program Bangon Probinsya – Changing yourself Province .
Virlanie Foundation since 2009 working with Kalipay Foundation in Bacolod on Negros Island. We are in contact with local authorities as we work locally RAC ( temporary shelter for people living in the streets ). Our local knowledge gives us an advantage to complete the reconstruction projec .
Bangon Probinsya plans to help 350 families, the means at our disposal allow. The psychosocial emergency response will be to these families as well as from fifty families VFI on the islands of Leyte and Samar. „




I’m Mighty Clem https://www.facebook.com/mightyclem

I entertain spirit of umoja radio show since 2009 on BDS Radio http://spiritofumoja.wix.com/sofu

I’m also UMOJA HIFI Founder and Owner 

I decided to gather all of my partners (graphic http://s-chevalier.com/, event organizers, producers, sound system, dubmakers , label … ) for this project. Indeed, I am convinced that together we can do something very strong and this show that the values ​​we uphold are not just fine words.

I am more motivated and that all participants equally. We have a contact in the Philippines (Norris King ) that we keep informed of developments, which put us in direct contact with the association we support. ( VIRLANIE FOUNDATION)

The Virlanie Foundation helps children in need of special protection: those who have been abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected … We strive to build a better future for these children, giving them a smile . Virlanie Foundation is one of the most important institutions working for street children in Manila, Philippines.

Some key figures :

More than 14 900 children helped since the creation of the Foundation in 1992 – including 1,198 children helped in 2010.
12 houses in which children find shelter, food to eat and clothing , but also the affection and love
12 programs : 6 external programs , media programs 2 and 4 support programs .
A network of donors and sponsors .
An international network

Our Vision : To provide children the hope of a better future.
Our MISSION : To accompany and care for the poorest children .
Our OBJECTIVE : In a home environment , empower children , empower them to ensure their reintegration into a stable life

The History of the Foundation

1992 Creation of the Foundation by Dominique Lemay and a Filipino team of social workers. Opening Tanglaw House ( House Herrod 1) and Gabay Buhay House . Implementation of the program slums in connection with several communities
1993 Opening of Elizabeth House (for young girls who are victims of sexual abuse )
1994 Opening of the House Caress (boys abused ) and Drop in Center. Implementation theprogram medical
1995 Opening of the Masaya House ( House Herrod 2) and Marco Polo Care Center
1996 Opening of the Jade House ( for disabled children), the Ellah Yallah House and the House Mother & Child ( for babies and unmarried mothers)
1997 Opening of the Centre for Creation and Development Sibuhi
1999 Establishment of the Family Reunification Program
2001 Implementation Program for Young Adults
2002 Opening Magellan Learning Center
2003 Opening of the Office of Children’s Rights
2006 Opening of the Love House ( for disabled children). Implementation of the program of the Itinerant School
2007 Opening of Patricia House ( for children in conflict with the law) . Opening day care center (for street families ) . Implementation of the psychological program
2008 Opening of the Jade House II ( for disabled children)
2011 Opening of the Toddler House ( for younger children abandoned )