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[Review] ZamZam #51 / #52 (ZamZam Sounds)

[Review] ZamZam #51 / #52 (ZamZam Sounds)

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Two recent releases from ZamZam Sounds should satisfy all fans of heavyweight dubs and both of them will do this in a different style. The releases number 51 brings two tracks of Systemwide; „Low Orbit”, remixed by Alter Echo”, delivers a message of the outer-space: a minimal but powerful bassline is a foundation for a universe of mysterious sounds and samples. This is the exploration of bass and dub universe which I love in ZamZam’s releases. The B side is Dubkasm’s remix of „Liberation” and it’s a deep, mystical steppers in the best style of the Bristol duo.

The release number 52 continues delivering heavyweight vibes. From a mysterious atmosphere, we’re moving to a sound system dance, where a powerful steppa riddim by Bukkha and Madplate Sound combined with the great voice of Junior Dread mashes the area – „Nada A Perder” („Nothing To Lose”) is a real dancefloor banger with a conscious message.






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Bukkha Feat. Junior Dread – „Guns N Fiyah SP” (Dub-Stuy Records)

Bukkha Feat. Junior Dread – „Guns N Fiyah SP” (Dub-Stuy Records)

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Artwork- DigitalForthcoming release from Dub-Stuy Records brings a massive, marching steppers produced by Bukkha with a charismatic Brazilian singer Junior Dread (which some of you can recognize from Moonshine Recordings presented on our site). His reggae-chanting voice style carries an important and timeless message, which humanity still needs to hear.

The next single from Dub-Stuy Records marks a return to conscious messages and uplifting vibrations with an international collaboration between American producer Bukkha and Brazilian vocalist Junior Dread alongside a remix from Paris’ Moresounds. ‘Guns N Fiyah’ speaks to the ills of the world and the
growing cries for justice emanating from the streets of America, Syria, and Brazil.

Bukkha, originally from Louisiana and now based in Spain, follows remix and behind-the-scene dubplate collaborations with Dub-Stuy with an irresistible stepping production for his first vinyl release on the label. Inspired by classic UK steppers and dub, ‘Guns N Fiyah’ is driven by a heavy bass line with floating guitar licks and ominous horns. Completing the production is a stunning vocal performance from São Paulo’s Junior Dread. One of the brightest rising stars on the international reggae scene, Junior Dread calls upon listeners with a conscious message that rises to a fever pitch in the chorus. Molded in the finest tradition of protest music, ‘Guns N Fiyah’ is an inspirational rallying cry for modern dancefloors.

The 12” also includes two dub versions of the title track: one by Bukkha and a special from Moresounds, the Parisian producer who’s been making waves in the bass music scene with releases for Om Unit and Doc Scott. As only he can, Moresounds transforms the original into a deep and cavernous eyes-down skanker. Completing the release is ‘Cocaine Dub’ by Bukkha, a bottom-heavy riddim that draws its own line between classic dub vibes and modern bass music.

A1. Guns N Fiyah ft. Junior Dread
A2. Dub N Fiyah
B1. Guns N Fiyah (Moresounds Dub)
B2. Cocaine Dub

LABEL: Dub-Stuy Records
ARTIST: Bukkha Feat. Junior Dread
FORMAT: 12” Vinyl/Digital
RELEASE DATE: September 16th, 2016
BARCODE/UPC: 4050486970515
CONTACT: laurent@dub-stuy.com




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Mystical Powa – Junior Dread/Sista Lore

Mystical Powa – Junior Dread/Sista Lore

indeksWiele dobrego pisaliśmy już na temat Mystical Powa http://dubmassive.org/en/search/mystical+powa. I tym razem nas nie zawodzą wydając tą 12” i utwierdzają w przekonaniu, że włoski dub ma się bardzo dobrze. Strona A tej potężnej produkcji wokalnie należy do  swietnego i charakterystycznego Juniora Dreada,  a rytm w „Warriors” to klimatyczny steppers z bębnami w tle. Stroną B z „Zion Valley” zawładnął piękny, damski wokal Sista Lore. Bardzo dobre wydawnictwo, mocne u podstaw, a zarazem kontemplacyjne dzięki melodiom i ładnej warstwie wokali. Czekamy na siódmą produkcje, która ma się pojawić już niedługo.





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Junior Dread – „Wonderful Feeling” (Gorgon Sound ) / „Freedom” (DJ Madd)

Junior Dread – „Wonderful Feeling” (Gorgon Sound ) / „Freedom” (DJ Madd)

ms020dJunior Dread to już wokalista dobrze znany choćby z współpracy z Cubiculo Records, Reality Shock, Mungos Hi Fi czy Dubateers. Dzięki swojemu lekko zachrypniętemu wokalowi i świadomym tekstom zdobywa serca fanów, jak i producentów, którzy tak jak Gorgon Sound i Dj Madd podejmują się zremiksowania jego starych kawałków. Moonshine Recordings lubi takie diamenty, jak Junior Dread, oszlifować i zrobił to przy pomocy Gorgon Sound, którzy zremiksowali „Wonderful Feeling”, co z miejsca wysyła utwór na soundsystemowe areny – aż prosi się jeszcze o dub wersje. Dj Madd natomiast wysyła „Freedom” Juniora w krainę dubstepu i jungle.




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