[Review] Zion Train – „Versions” LP (Univeral Egg)

[Review] Zion Train – „Versions” LP (Univeral Egg)

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promocoverThe latest album by Zion Train is a fully remix-style LP, delivering a lot of big names from dub world and huge amount of ideas how to squeeze Neil’s compositions to obtain fresh, tasty, musical juice. They are really a solid base for further creative processing, as the original tracks have Zion Train’s trademark – excellent sound, arrangement, instruments, vocals.

On the album we get a lot of artists, from dub to drum&bass and plenty of musical visions. Vibronics’ opening track is my favorite – a beautiful, violin part flowing on a monstrous bassline sounds amazing. All fans of pounding steppa style will love versions created by Bungalo, NDC or Numa. Dubmatix’s version of „State of Mind” is also one of my favorites – a bouncy riddim with electronic sounds and parts of horns. Radikal Guru took „Share The Flame” with Jazzmine Tutum, making a moody and powerful dubstep-flavoured tune. Krak In Dub accelerated „Rainbow Children” making this positive tune even more dancefloor ready but next artists adds yet more fire – Jinx in Dub, Slamboree, Fleck and Dub FX take Zion Train’s to fast drum&bass area.

I’m always extremely curious about Neil’s new albums and musical ideas he is bringing on them, but I’m glad that this one is not a mix of new Zion Train’s tunes and remixes. Instead, we get a powerful LP, fully concentrated on variations of tracks we know and like – listening pleasure doubled.

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