Kanka – “Watch Your Step”

Kanka-WatchYourStep-VisuelHDbA long awaited day by me has come – my speakers play the new Kanka album. Yes, it’s been almost 3 years Since the last release, so the appetite is huge. The artist serves us 12 heavy, consistent compositions with 3 amazing vocalists. The album is opened by „Venus Dub” – here I felt like I have actually had a journey to this planet, but we quickly get back to the earth thanks to Echo Ranks, who’s in very good shape. He sings about troubles and worries of each of us. That tune is from cycle „I have heard it before” In the lyric layer, but musically Kanka crushes me hard, especially with the bassline. The next tune doesn’t slow down – „Ghost Dub” reminded me of killer „Scratchy”, in „London” the winds nicely fit into the tough, dark dub close to the style of Iration Steppas. „Straight Dub” and „37” are steppers that make you skank hard. That’s how we get to the next track with El Fata as a guest. I have a fondness for him and his dub vocals, and his chat is just briliant. Thereafter „Rainbow Dub” and again heavenly winds which I love in reggae and dub – i deliquesce in such sounds to get strength and carry the burden of every-day reality. Additionaly, hearing crowning ideally integrated like Kanka did charges me fully. That album is merciless for the listener – in a good way of course – and it’s caused by the last two tunes: „Stepperstyle” again with Echo Ranks. It shows that the vocalists gets back to shape because (in my opinion) he lost it in few last tunes. Finally, we have „We love bass” – the title itself says a lot – Kanka loves bass and he knows how to use it well. It won’t be an overstatement if I say that it’s the best album of that French warrior!