[Review] Basskateers meets Sticky Joe, Sista Bethsabée, Becky & J.Pattersson (Culture Dub Records)

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culture-dub-records-10inch-cdr007-aForthcoming 10” from French label Culture Dub Records brings us an extraordinary riddim being a wicked and energetic combination of steppa and modern dub sounds created by German crew Basskateers and Sticky Joe. Powered by great voice of Sista Bethsabée, with the final, excellent decoration created by blazing horns of Becky & J.Pattersson, this release shows very creative combination of many flavors delivered by modern dub/bass music.

The release date of this 10” is September, 15th. Distribution: Control Tower

A1.  Freedom – Basskateers meets Sticky Joe feat. Sista Bethsabée
A2. Counterstep Beg-A-Horn Mix
AA1. Overcome – Basskateers meets Sticky Joe feat. J.Pattersson
AA2. Crazy Counterdub

Basskateers meets Sticky Joe, Sista Bethsabée, Becky & J.Pattersson – Counterstep EP – 10″ Culture Dub Records CDR007





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