[Review] Indica Dubs meets Shiloh Ites – „Marching To Zion” (Indica Dubs)

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iss042-vinyl-scanThe newest Indica Dubs 7” brings as usual strictly sound system vibes. Made with Swedish Shiloh Ites, this marching riddim with strong, pumping bass and drums, is perfectly suited for 18” speakers and crowded, skanking dancefloor. Also very nice melody played by accordion? ads some old-school flavour to this tune. The dub version comes in a proper dubwise manner, the rhythm is emphasized and crossed with spatial, reverbated hits. Well, let’s march to Zion!

Get it here: https://indicadubs.bandcamp.com/album/marching-to-zion-dub-temple

or in good record shops.


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