Zion Train – “Land Of The Blind” LP

largeAlmost four years after after the last album “State Of Mind” Zion Train – modern dub pioneers – give us their new, full length release. As with the previous one we get the mixture of vocal tracks and pure instrumental vibes. We hear well known Zion Train’s voices – Dubdadda, Jazzmin Tutum, Fitta Warri but also new singers – Daman (who has already cooperated with DJ Perch on “Money” EP), Kathika R Abbit and Longfingah. Also many musicians were invited – Finn Todd (melodica), Don Fe (flute), David Fullwood added his unique sound of the trumpet, Lucas Petter (trombone), Gianni Denitto (Alto Saxophone) and Vedran Meniga (Drum kit).

The album consists of 13 tracks with a lot of instrumental sounds, even some tracks with vocalists are not fully covered by them, only some verses are included . For me it’s great, I have always been a big fan of instrumental works of Neil Perch and this album has lot of pure dub music! “The Great Flood – Gaia’s Tears” (masterpiece!), “Inner Vision”, “We Are Water” or “No ID” with Daman are musical stories told by wicked rhythm and dub soundscape, flowing through dub effects. We have also some more steady melodies (“Dry Your Tears”, beautiful “Tranquillity Through Humility” or “Roots Man Play/Permanent Pressure” with Dub Dadda and Fitta Warri), killers ready to fire on dancefloor  like “Dirty Dunza” or rootical, bouncy “Land Of The Blind” and a few average tunes.

Many years on the dub scene, so many releases and Zion Train still can surprise me. I can describe this album as something like good-old style nicely flavoured with some new, wild and hot spices. I wish that the next album was entirely based on the taste of “The Great Flood” or “We are Water” – for me it would be one of the most awaited releases.

“Land Of The Blind” is available as 2×12” or digital download.





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