Violinbwoy – “Six swords” EP

a2197002224_16Violinbwoy has already established his reputation on the sound system scene – firstly due to many vinyl releases and secondly thanks to his acting activity. Presented EP was released during this summer and, as previous one, it was issued by Archetype Records label, which strongly supports works of our compatriot.

This EP presents us slightly different Violinbwoy’s musical world than we’ve known from previous releases. As publishers say – they wanted to experiment a bit and open the gates of soundsystem playing for a different ground. This step, although a little bit risky, was very worthwhile because we get intriguing music, which could be a musical background for not one movie.  Both “Six Swords” with its moody intro, beautiful violin part and “Unforessen Circumstances” with an operatic vocal are on a very high, musical level. Sound system fans won’t be disappointed and that’s because of the B side of this EP, where we find “Long Way” in two versions. Here fat bass and a lot of reverbs rule on a massive riddim.

With this release Violinbwoy opened a new chapter in his artistic work and I wish him more such good music, played not only on sound systems, but also used as a musical background for many other, artistic activities.

PS. As usual big plus for the animation!