Dub Temple #73 with King Earthquake – report (17.10.2015, Kraków)

DT # 73It was a real feast for Polish sound system fans of heavyweight style. King Earthquake first time in Poland and moreover at the Dub Temple – very quality and remarkable event on the Polish dub scene. Lets add Dubseed Sound System to this with 32 000W of total power and you know that this session will be unforgettable, also due to to fact, that it’s not so common to see the King on such “away” events – he’s always preferred playing on his own sound system, which unfortunately was destroyed in a fire.

On the day of the session in Fabryka club the before part was done by Roots Vibracja crew, who served us a mix of roots and newer sounds. After 1AM the King entered the arena. On the beginning he announced, that he will be playing old and new tunes and I must say that he consequently stuck to this rule for the whole night, periodically playing some roots, than some newer UK roots&culture and then his heavy productions. Regarding roots we got many soundsystem killers – Burning Spear classics, a lot of Twinkle Brothers, Johnny Clarke, Devon Irons or Wailing Souls. The newer tracks were also big tunes like “Wicked Rule”, “Babylon”, “Jahovia”, “Babylon is a trap”, singers like Aisha or Colour Red. Increased activity on the dancefloor could be observed when after such warm-up King was proceeding to his productions. We could hear such killers like “Tribulation”, “Hotta Like Fire”, there were his favourite vocalists like Joseph Lalibela, Sista Olidia, Izyah Davis, also some preview of forthcoming with Isaac Mentor. From vocal ones to instrumental versions, a musical earthquake straight from the source…

I really enjoyed his speech about people involved in sound system culture –  “every sound man should be honored”. Such blessing from such person is very inspiring to work. After 3AM King also started  playing his specials,  including an excellent Error Dunkley, Johnny Clarke or Big Youth. Still we were mashing down by roots followed by UK style and then killed by his productions, especially his unique instrumental versions were very well received, driving Dub Temple audience (excellent as usual) to skank madly. At the end we got King’s version to Collie Budz “Come Around”.

It was a real pleasure to listen King Earthquake one more time, his very characteristic music and, what’s also important, his inspiring words; he’s a person with strong personality and power, not to mention his contribution to the soundsystem culture. Also with great hope I took his words, that soon he’ll be playing on his own sound again…

A high quality recording is here (big up Ojt!): http://www.talawa.fr/media/dub-temple-73-UStuH

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