Dub Temple #74 – report

dt74foraAfter a long break Weeding Dub appeared in Cracow for the second time, right before the premiere of his new album ‘Still Looking For’ (my review here). This French producer is known of his great, energetic music that connects electronic, dub and often steppers rhythms.

Czech crew Dub From The Ground have been warming up the public starting with roots&culture and moving to heavy dubs after the midnight. Weeding Dub began his act around 01:00 and the beginning itself announced an intriguing set. We could hear his older tracks from singles and albums including my favourite ‘Fyah a go bun dem’ with Echo Ranks. There also were tunes from the incoming album, including this one which I’ve heard first time at Outlook Festival:

And of course this tune had to be played – the mighty voice of Mark from Iration Steppas said the truth about sound system, that it has to be a part of your DNA :). I think this track will be a killer and an anthem of more than one session.

A big plus is that Weeding Dub presents his tracks in the form of a live act, which lets you listen to known ones with new details and a bit changed form. This energetic session was finalized by ‘Judgement’ with Inja.

I have to admit that the French producer has a lot to show – some of the tunes are pure dance floor killers. He also knows well how to present them and make us of dub effects – here Weeding Dub is following the path of such dub live act masters like Dj Perch from Zion Train.

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