Alpha Steppa – “Rooted & Grounded “

alpha steppaWhen I first saw the info about this album I thought – it’s gonna be really good. Why? Because all the previous releases of Alpha Steppa were introducing me into this feeling, especially the last LP by Dub Dynasty. “Rooted & Grounded” is Ben’s first full solo album and it did it well. After the first sounds of “Catharsis” with Chazbo I had a feeling of vibe, which I know from many sound system sessions. The title “Rooted” for the first part is very accurate, because it has this beautiful rootical flavour – just check “Mix Up Fix Up” with Prince Jamo or “Teachings” with Sis Awa, so nice sound! Yet still you can hear Alpha Steppa’s unique flavour – hypnotizing basslines and a lot of musical inspirations, especially these coming from East. Also one of the best musical discoveries of this album is – for me – the singing of I-Sarana in “The River”, so majestic and magic in conjuction with the powerful riddim with massive horns section! There are also many other interesting artists invited to this album: Cologne, Cyp, Kiangana, Ras Tinny, Wellette Seyon (beautiful “In The City”!).

Now, let’s go forward to the dub versions on the “Grounded” vinyl. Here the bass and the rhythm come to the foreground. These tunes, which on the “Rooted” sounded so rootically and melodically, here are moved to a wild, raw dub killers with resonating bass and effects flying around your head. They are perfect illustration what the dub is, what can you do with the vibe of a tune when you know how to use all the sound and musical expression tools, all the dub techniques.

An excellent album, for loud and perceptive hearing from the beginning to the end.

And looking forward for Dub Dynasty’ next album, scheduled for this Spring!


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