“My Music” by Dubkasm in dub

dubkasmTwo new releases from ZamZam Sounds are coming. Waiting for them we’re getting back to this one from the end of 2015. Original Dubkasm’s “My Music” with great vocal and lyrics by Solo Banton was really well acclaimed. But this tune came out without a dub version.  ZamZam crew were in touch with Dubkasm for some time and this was really nice occasion to bring some vibes together. This 7” contains not only the dub version of “My Music”, but also another one for “Never Let I Down” (also from “My Music” EP). Musically Dubkasm gives us absolutely sophisticated, hi-fi sounds with crystal clear, deep reverbs and echoes mixed with flying vocal snippets; all based on raw drum&bass foundation. Excellent art of dub for contemplative listening.





Posted by yarecki

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