[Review] Earth Resistance Records – Dub Tree & The Maat Disciples / R. Souljah & Ital Horns

earth-resistance-records-12-come-and-listen-the-maat-disciples-indoctrination-ital-horns-and-r-souljahEarth Resistance is both a label and a sound system running since 2009 in Italy. On this release their producers duo Dub Tree & R. Souljah invited amazing musicians and producers, who know how to create a good dub. The A side presents Earth Resistance’s “soft” image – it is a tribute to the roots, especially that Dub Tree invited The Maat Disciples vocal duo, who are a great discovery to me – in ‘Come&Listen’ they create a mood in 70s classic roots style. The B side is the darker one, where R. Souljah gives us a FX-heavy stepper with Ital Horns, the best horns section in the world, in a track called ‘Indoctrination’. Additionally there is a special mix from Neil ‘Zion Train’ Perch!