[Review] “Forever Dub” – Pablo Raster (Elastica Records)

Forever_Dub_coverThe second album of Italian producer Pablo Raster brings 12 tracks including instrumental and vocal ones. This is digital steppa style with no compromise – Pablo’s dynamic style and tracks tempo catch the listener from the beginning to the end, which can be especially heard in crazy “Balkandub” or excellent “Do Good” with Fikir Amlak. He also don’t fear to mix live instruments  with digital, often sharp synth sounds and which such massive compositions it works very well.

Strictly heavy and energetic vibes guaranteed.

Release info:

Label: Elastica Records

Format: Digital

Release date: 30th of May, 2016


1. Creation 03:12
2. Fight against feat. Antz-oni Rubio 03:21
3. Fight against version 03:28
4. Chances feat. Zaira Zen 04:10
5. So feat. Marcello Coleman 03:24
6. So part 2 feat. Alessandro Musco, Luigi Leoni 03:32
7. Balkandub feat. Sandro Paradisi 03:42
8. Mi name feat. Marcello Coleman 03:36
9. Mi name dubwise 03:38
10. Do good feat. Fikir Amlak 03:46
11. Do good dubplate 03:23
12. A.C.A.D. 03:46





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