“Walk The Walk” The Webserie by Brain Damage & Wasaru

teaserThe last album of Brain Damage “Walk the Walk” is a exciting musical meeting with Jamaican legends – Horace Andy, Kiddus I, Willi Williams, Winston McAnuff and Ras Michael. Now we can watch 8 video episodes, which were recorded during their meeting in Jamaica.

All episodes can be watched here, (French and English subtitles available)


“With a rich discography of more than 11 albums behind him, Martin Nathan ventures into many artistic and stylistic experiments, under the name of Brain Damage. Acclaimed as one of the founders of the French dub scene, he has spent 15 years alternating between solo projects and music collaborations (High Tone, Vibronics, Sir Jean) in order to establish the roots of his musical art.

2015 he realized in Kingston, Jamaica, the main part of his “Walk The Walk”, to delve more deeply into the dub origins. His friendship with Samuel Clayton Jr, sound engineer and internationally recognized producer (Steel Pulse / Toots & the Maytals) opened the door of the legendary Harry J Studio (Bob Marley / Burning Spear), and offered him the opportunity to attend some interesting meetings and to work, during unforgettable studio sessions with artists such as Horace Andy, Kiddus I, Willi Williams, Winston McAnuff and Ras Michael : five legends, five veterans of the genre, all contemporaries, but with totally diverse sensibilities and backgrounds. For the span
of one studio session, all of them succeed in blending into the musical universe suggested by Brain Damage, and undertake the stylistic exercise submitted by the artist: writing most of their lyrics on the theme of their childhood, the childhood, youth and education. The outcome of these meetings is unique, a singular combination of maturity and genuineness, doubtless resulting from the open-mindedness and talents of each protagonist. And the « Walk the Walk » album was released late 2015 on Jarring Effects label.

The director Wasaru joined him during his journey in Jamaica. This was a great opportunity for him not only to create and artistic work but also to hear these legends narrate their childhood memories. It had a heritage value. In these 8 episodes of the web-serie « Walk the Walk » we can find way more than this opus genesis and legends, as a photograph of the 60s and 70s Jamaican life, anecdotes, mythical events of the island (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh) and intimate confessions.”

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