NS Kroo – “Fit – Mono/Poly Dub / Back in 4000” (Stand High Rec)

NS Kroo is a young and creative crew from Geneva and Stand High Rec label presents their 4 tracks crafted for sound system sessions (and it’s 100% true). The A side is “Fit” is a psychedelic steppers with house music elements; “Mono/Poly” is a roller-coaster ride as we know from many French dub releases. On the flip side we get one track with version – “Back In 4000”. This is a techno/electronic steppers with a really good tempo.

I have to admit, that the mixture prepared by NS Kroo is very unique and they follow the path established on their first release in Sparring Partners ((http://dubmassive.org/en/11595/ns-kroo-bony-fly-mike-iiihook). Keep  it up!