[Review] Cultural Warriors – “Remix from the Warriors Camp Chapter 2” (Cultural Warriors Music)

It’s the 4th album of the Swiss group and the second one in the series of remixes of their own tunes played by them on sessions. “Remix from the Warrior Camp” keeps amazing pearls, starting with the mighty King Alpha and gentle Earl 16 in “True Rastaman”; next we get slayed by Johnny Clarke and Jacin in a meditational version of “Fittest of the Fittest” and then by another rootsman Johny Osbourne with Russ Disciples in “Inflation”. Heavy accents are Natural Black and Artman, Color Red and Roots Masashi with briliant, trance dub version, just like Sandeeno and Bony Fly. Murray Man and Roaring Spirit dot the i’s on the album. Every tune is an undeniable killer and with such an arsenal, Cultural Warriors are able to mash up any soundsystem. Don’t miss them live in your area when you have a chance!