Jamaican Rum 13 – Root Wise concert – 06.06.2013 / Toruń

Root Wise

Jamaican Rum 13 – Root Wise concert

We invite you to a cyclical party in Jamaican flavor to Toruń, to Carpe Diem club placed at ul. Plac Teatralny 7, in the old town near Teatr Horzyca. Every second thursday reggae & dancehall bash and new guests (djs, mcs, sound systems, concerts).


On the 13th edition you will se a band inspired by Jamaican roots and dub sounds – Root Wise from Tricity and Malbork!




There will be also playing Sidney Selecjah (Karetka Sound).




Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/131774323686004/


06.06.2013 (friday)
Toruń, Carpe Diem ul. Plac Teatralny 7


Start 18:00 garden / 21:00 club


Bar discounts:
Jamaican Rum+ Cola: 8 pln
Malibu Drink: 8 pln


Every second thursday new guests / djs / mcs / sound systemy / koncerty
reggae & dancehall


Root Wise is a young band established by two musicians from Tricity and Malbork in summer 2011. The originator of the band is drummer Krzysztof Latawiec, who gathered musicians loving dub music. They are inspired by Jamaican roots and dub vibes. They are trying to play the way they like – liveDub with a lot of delays and reverbs. Most of the group are also enthusiastic fans of west african traditional music and besides the drums and keyboards they play djembe, duns and other ethnic instruments.



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