Brain Damage meets Vibronics – “Empire Soldiers” soon available!


 A long awaited album “Empire Soldiers” of two great artist of the modern dub scene – Vibronics and Brain Damage – will be available in the shops soon.

Musicaly it’s a meeting of two heavyweight dub geniuses, meeting the French school with the British one. Besides the amazing sounds and a mixture of characteristic styles we also get a rich, very brave and interesting lyrics, in which Madu Messenger, Parvez, Sir Jean and Mohammed El A


mraoui are telling us about the First World War in the context of experience of the soldiers – their death, suffering, but also friendship and yearning for home.

The first part of the album – called “The Album” – is mixed by Brain Damage, and the second one – “The Dubplates” – by Vibronics. The album will be available in the October (CD/LP). It’s good that there will also be released 3 10″ records with mixes made typically for soundsystems! And it’s even better that a live promoting tour has been announced to start this year!

 To sum up – it looks like it will be one of most interesting dub releases this year (and not only). We definitely recommend it!


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