Summary of 2013

2013 is over. For me, musically there were a lot of interesting things. And current period is good for various summaries, so here we go. This is rather my subjective top a top – a look at past 12 months from the perspective of sound system maniac.


Release of the year – single, EP etc.

This year was full of interesting releases and most important of all – vinyl is still alive. We got “Love Jah”, got some great reissues from Disciples, Alpha & Omega, great stuff from Tuff Scout, Iroko, Jah Shaka’s roots and the dub rollers from O.B.F. Youth fared very well (Alpha Steppa, Will Tee), the great elderly – such as Aba Shanti-I – also did not disappoint. But, but, there was one such number that electrified audiences wherever was played as the last tune. When this release was announced, many hearts stopped beating for a while, later to significantly speed up. And when this vinyl showed up, first series sold out in one night .. as I live I do not remember such interest in a new dub/reggae release. And most important of all – it is an amazing tune with brass section that gets you into total euphoria.

The victory in 2013 can only belong to “Victory” by Dubkasm!


Event of the year

 main_UNOD-WEEKENDER-A3-POSTER-PROPOSALLooking at the past year certainly we cannot forget about very good editions of many festivals. But as soon as information about the United Nations of Dub Weekender came up – I already knew. I knew where absolutely, 200% must be. Line-up caused ​​heart attack in every sound system fan, but now, after the party I know it was only one factor – at European festivals there is also a lot of amazing sound system scenes. But in Prestatyn I got something else – 24 hours a day existence with the sound system culture – with its creators and fans. You sleep 3 minutes away from the main arena, getting up in the morning and going to the only shop in the area you pass scoops, which are just transported to the venue; in the hall another sound is setting up and doing a sound check, meanwhile the Selector ‘s Arena is already running. Later you’re going to the main dance and next to you, at 0 Celsius degrees, people are proudly stepping in shorts and with towels, ready for sweat and solid skanking. In the morning, full hall is yelling “one more tune “. Undeterred by the end of the event and the cold aura, you continue the fun on a spontaneous party on the lawn next to the sleeping rooms, where as a sound system acts iPod docking station. You go to bed at 7AM, thinking that perhaps tomorrow you’ll wake up at 7PM, but no – in full readiness, at 12AM you are cruising on the arena and watching another sound systems preperaing.

Yes – in Prestatyn I felt that I was surrounded by people like me, I was a part of a spontaneously created tribe 🙂

Musically – what was going on… until today I have goose-bumps when I recall it.

A special place in my heart I have for Steppa Warriors birthday, which we celebrated with Channel One. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience, and when Mikey and  Ras Kayleb started to play dubplates, they swept me off my feet.


Release of the year – LP

artworks-000056251182-q67rbz-t500x500Here I had a dilemma, but finally the first place goes to Brain Damage meets Vibronics – “Empire Soldiers”. For brave topic of this concept – album, for successful cooperation of two dub powers. And, last but not least, it is such a good release – from beautiful songs ( “Letter Home” ! ) to solid steppers, with lot of beautiful melodies.

Second place , which I have to mention, goes to the long-awaited Iration Steppas LP “In The Dub Arena”. This release is not such “go-ahead” as “Empire Soldiers”, but there is a plenty of my favorite sounds from High Rise Studio on it, “Tick Tock” smashes me every time and it has this brilliant, cartoonish style insert!

In addition to the above-mentioned, there were other dub albums worth recommendation like the Dub Dynasty – “Unrelenting force”, Radikal Guru’s “Subconscious” or Weeding Dub with “Inna Digital Age”.

And shortly about the Polish yard – our scene is still developing, we had Iration Steppas, Channel One, Jah Shaka and more, there is more and more sound system sessions with two and more sound systems. It is pretty well and I look into the future with hope.

Hello 2014, be as good as 2013!


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