Strictly Sound Prodz. feat Jah Screechy (7”)

A_Side_LabelCubículo Records have just released their second work, what glads us – the first 7” that appeared six months ago ( was very successful. This time the Portuguese label placed in London offers us conjoined forces of vocalist – a veteran of UK dancehall scene Jah Screechy, known from chatting in Sir Coxsone Sound (and presently supporting Reality Shock) with producer Marco ”Docta Strictly” Musetti. He is connected with Italian soundsystem scene, he’s been busying himself with music for few years, but he started to create it just recently. He uses original 80s equipment to get the proper and warm analogue sound.

Riddim from the new release is typical digital reggae. Prince Jammy himself wouldn’t be ashamed at all, plus Jah Screechy’s vocals makes you want to dance madly. This tune wakes up the spirit of 80/90s UK soundsystems and Strictly Sound crew isn’t anonymous anymore. For some time we see that digital reggae/dub conquers soundsystem halls – i.e. thanks to Mungo’s Hi Fi, Subactive or Dougie Conscious. Although I am not a fan of digital sounds, this production changes my mind a bit, let yourself flow with this digital vibe too.