Inspirational Sound feat. Sister Charlotte, Richie Ranks & El Fata (10”)

29Inspirational Sound from Bradford give us their 7th release – an amazing 10”. They specialize in heavyweight tunes and this time it’s the same. On the vocals you can hear Sister Charlotte, a beautiful woman voice straight from France; she has already appeared on Weeding Dub and Roots Ista Posse productions. The second guest is Richie Ranks, who comes from Leeds. He started his career aside Inspirational Sound. In his version he created incredible mood and the rhythm seems to be even heavier. The last vocalist is my personal favorite – El Fata, who passes a strong message to politicians and men at charge in all over the world in “Vampires”. On the end there is version “Wisdom dub” with Bunnington Judah as a guest. It came into existence in 1999 and has been improved during all these years to make a mess on the scene now. For many months it has been tested on Iration Steppas sound system, so there is not much left for me to say – it’s a must-have!