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channelChannel One Sound System can be rejected from Notting Hill Carnival, after 32 years of playing there (20 years in the same spot). Because of objections from local residents, Westminster Council’s licensing committee can deny them a license to play – which, in turn, can cause Channel One’s absence at festival this year. The objections are:

  • excessive volume resulting in migraines
  • having to relocate pets because of the bass
  • low level damage to property
  • urination on property, broken glass etc.
  • congestion of people traffic
  • impact on public safety, crime and disorder

You may say – “OK, yes, this seems seriously, maybe people want some peace”. But while I’m reading this objections list I can’t belive, how ridiculous they are in the context of Channel One’s sound system presence. In principle, these points can apply to every street festival dedicated to music and fun. There is loud, always someone will break some glass and will be pissing on the wall. Yes, in a million crowd you can find such people.

Notting Hill Carnival has started 48 years ago – so it is not new thing which suddenly surprise you with its grand scale. THOUSANDS of people flowing through whole area, plenty of sound systems, food stands, parades, music, fun, next thousands of people trying to move from point A to B. Full of everything, everywhere.

So I really don’t know how removing this one sound system can help these residents. Magically, thousands of people will lost, there will be no traffic, the order will be back? I know that not everyone can have a good time at carnival, but it takes two days and ends at 7PM, come on – it is not one week of 24h rave party next to your window!

If someone want to support Channel One – there is a petition available here:


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