Two 7” from Destroy All Concepts – a dub mixture of urban sounds

dac19 labelDestroy All Concepts, a label maintained by Dub Gabriel, presents itself as a cross-cultural home of an exploration of music and artists’ collaboration. Two new 7” releases are a great proof of the above description. The first one (“Kulture”) takes us to the jungle sounds of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem, formed in the late 90s by Dr. Israel, gives us a nice mixture of jungle and dub with so good, uplifting lyrics – at least for me, because sometimes this crazy world looks like there is still not enough words about knowing yourself and understanding others, about harmony. On the flip side the tempo is slowed down by Dubmatix, who put his light, spatial dub sound to the mix. Both sides I listen with a great pleasure and the lyric still resonates in my head.

DAC20 WAXThe second release is also cross-genre. Here Dub Gabriel’s pumping club, raggabass sounds are voiced by an artist with appropriate skills for such sounds – Ranking Joe – who sings about freedom fighters. The B side contains dub version prepared by RSD aka Rob Smith and here the rhythm is more broken.


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