2014 in our reviews

2014 has just passed away. It was a very nice year with some great albums – some of them we reviewed on our site, below is the list in case you missed some. 2015 looks promising – dub masters like Vibronics or Zion Train are working on their new albums, so watch out!

Have a good, musically rich year!

Alpha&Omega - "The Half That’s Never Been Told"

Alpha&Omega – “The Half That’s Never Been Told”

High Tone - "Ekphrön"

High Tone – “Ekphrön”


Addis Pablo - "In My Father's House"

Addis Pablo – “In My Father’s House”



Dub Dynasty – “Thundering Mantis”

Cover _ OBF _ WILD

O.B.F – “Wild”


Mungos Hi-Fi – “Serious Time”

Tour de Force - "Battle Cry Remixed"

Tour de Force – “Battle Cry Remixed”

Moonshine Recordings Presents - "Steppin' Forward"

Moonshine Recordings Presents – “Steppin’ Forward”

Idren Natural meets IDavid - "Soulfull"

Idren Natural meets IDavid – “Soulfull”


The Dubateers – “Dubplate Collection Vol.4”

Kalina In Dub - "Second Hand"

Kalina In Dub – “Second Hand”

Teldem Com'Unity - "Absorption"

Teldem Com’Unity – “Absorption”

Restless Mashaits - "Goulet Sessions 2003-2013"

Restless Mashaits – “Goulet Sessions 2003-2013”

Nello B - "Vibes Overdue"

Nello B – “Vibes Overdue”

AudioArt presents - "Op'Ra Dub Style"

AudioArt presents – “Op’Ra Dub Style”

Tour de Force - "Battle Cry"

Tour de Force – “Battle Cry”

Hatti Vatti - "Worship Nothing"

Hatti Vatti – “Worship Nothing”

Marina P - "My Homeys"

Marina P – “My Homeys”

Shades of Black - "Break Free"

Shades of Black – “Break Free”


Frenchtown Hi Fi Vol.1

Welders Hi Fi

Welders Hi Fi

The Giants - "Adapted Chapter"

The Giants – “Adapted Chapter”

Ras Tweed - "Mek A Raise"

Ras Tweed – “Mek A Raise”


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