U-Roy/Daddy Spencer remixed by Vibronics and Zion Train (Segnale Digitale)

UROY-label-1 The first release in 2015 from Segnale Digitale label is a 12” with legendary U-Roy and Daddy Spencer, known from previous record (http://dubmassive.org/en/7862/digi-signa-anthony-b-daddy-spencer-12/). “Give Thanks to Jah Master” was originally produced by Don Goliath and now we get a vocal and dub remix by Vibronics. Daddy’s Spencer “Weep and Mourn” was made for a compilation “Bass Culture Vol. 2”, here it is remixed by Zion Train. Both dub masters add their unique style to the tracks, a solid record to your dub box.

Listen here: http://segnaledigitale.org/dev/en/albums/digi-signa-014


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