[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 – Part 3 (Jarring Effects)

[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 – Part 3 (Jarring Effects)

Adobe Photoshop PDFDub Invaders strike with the part 3 of their 3rd release series. And they strikes literally with the help of cosmic guns and lasers. The A side is something like “Scientist meets The Space Invaders” on steroids – ruff&tuff heavy digital steppea combined made by Natural High Dubs with mild vocals of Shanti D is kicking us outerspace. 100% of heavyweight stuff!

On the flip side we get also deep dub and the dangerous atmosphere created by Fabassstone perfectly suits with beautiful Earl’s 16 vocal and lyrics about global warming.

The release is available in good record shops now.

And check the other parts if you don’t know it yet:






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[Review] Massive Dub Corporation (MDC) feat. Queen Omega – Real Lioness (Lion’s Den)]

[Review] Massive Dub Corporation (MDC) feat. Queen Omega – Real Lioness (Lion’s Den)]

lionschoice001_label_aThe latest 12” from Lion’s Den is an excellent rootical steppers, wonderfully voiced by Queen Omega. Her powerful voice in the intro of “Real Lioness” gets stronger and stronger in line with the riddim, where piano chords get surrounded  by more and more sounds and finally the music explodes with full power of rasta’s voice and lyrics. More interesting things happen in this riddim, well done Massive Dub Corporation! This tune is gripping me from the beginning to the end. Moreover it is shipped with three additional, great versions.



Lion’s Den – fire sound all around

Get it:
*06.09.2016 – EXCLUSIVE SALE thru www.lionsdensound.de
*20.09.2016 – VINYL in all other shops
*04.10.2016 – DIGITAL release

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[Review] Dubkasm  meets Iration Steppas – “CM4400 EP” (Dubkasm Records)

[Review] Dubkasm meets Iration Steppas – “CM4400 EP” (Dubkasm Records)

dubk028-logoAttention for all dubheads – a big, big release hits the streets today! Double 12” prepared by the masters of dub – Dubkasm and Iration Steppas is a time machine to the specific sound of Dread & Fred, Sound Iration or many others from the 90s – you will feel that vibe flowing mainly through the mid-section – broad pads, old-school synths,  sharp keys or snares.

Speaking of mid-section – it’s the rich kingdom of the first 12” from this release, prepared by Dubkasm. This is absolutely stunning what these guys can do with reverbs, delays, flangers and other effects. Especially “Progression” and “Outer Realm” are masterpieces, you can just dive into the universe of sounds, emerging and vanishing slowly or quickly, you just relish each tone and change in the sonic structure of each part. We all love solid basslines, they ship energy as hell, but these tunes remind us how much beauty in comes from upper sections. This is the magic of dub.

The second 12” brings us remixes by Mark Iration and for me it’s the best work he has made recently. It’s hard to describe for such fan of High Rise studio as me what I felt during the first listening “Destination Highrise”… If the terms like “riddim full of culture!”, “this one is entitled  the scud missile dubwiseeeeee” give you the shivers, then you will know what I mean. When you listen warrior-style remix of Dubkasm’s “No Retreat” you also know it’s Iration Steppas in da house. Reverbated basslines, strong drum rhythms, long echoes – “year 3000 style” at its best!

A must have release. Grab it here: https://rwdfwd.com/products/dubkasm-cm4400-ep/

PS. The name of the EP comes from the Soundtracs CM4400 console in the duo’s Bristol studio (artwork based on the original 1986 manual).



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[Review] Bababoom Hi Fi – “We Play Sound” ft. Earl Sixteen / “Life On Line” ft. I-Mitri

[Review] Bababoom Hi Fi – “We Play Sound” ft. Earl Sixteen / “Life On Line” ft. I-Mitri

1204-label-a-wItalian crew Bababoom Hi Fi has just released 12” with two brilliant tracks on the same, massive and heavy one drop riddim. “We Play Sound” is a soundsystem culture anthem with Earl 16 on the vocals. On the flip side we hear I-Mitri with  great and important lyrics about social media and internet. It’s crucial for us to use them wisely and keep our distance, so it’s very good when such real-life, social topics are raised.

Getting back to the riddim – The Roots Defender band did a masterful work. Melodies and lyrics just flow on heavy bassline, one-drop beat with a perfect tempo just invites us to dance. Looking forward to play and hear this tune on a soundsystem session!



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[Release info] Squarewave – “Way of Life” / Sukh Knight remix (Moonshine Recordings)

[Release info] Squarewave – “Way of Life” / Sukh Knight remix (Moonshine Recordings)

ms027-vinyl-aMoonshine Recordings coming back with monstrous basslines and good-old dubstep – 12” out today!

After King Yoof’s dedicated dub album and us welcoming the sound of the Italian stallions Madplate Sound to another heavy twelve-inch, we follow up on releasing music from the Londoners Squarewave and Sukh Knight.

Throughout the past years, Squarewave has been releasing music on the biggest labels in dub and dubstep culture and licensed it to Ministry of Sound and Rinse FM. These successes led to establishing his own record label ‘New World Audio’, which houses his favourite bass music including of his successful brother (and remix artist) Sukh Knight. Anthems such as ‘One Spliff’ and ‘Ganja Dub’ have put Sukh on the map in dubstep and grime culture.
Known for his wonky sounds, he will surprise you with his vinyl appearance on the flipside. ‘Way Of Life’ is a smooth sailer that reaches out to the early days of dubstep, dub and the life with ganja. Low-pitched vibrations and riveting
choirs colour the expression of peace, love and unity inside, while both tremble through a haze of smoke. Followed by complex kick patterns that step forward confidently, words of wisdom take part in sharing Squarewave’s thoughts on the use of the Marijuana plant. This jam surely pays homage to such life-changing event, healing of the nations and system sound.

Sukh Knight’s remix treatment gives off a more electronic feel and propagates differently thru the realm of dub. Its mid-heavy stabs reinforce the peng bass weight that flows similarly to his brother’s original number. However, his own interpretation bends ‘Way Of Life’ into a really different stepper, which will escort listeners through the raw landscape of London’s boroughs. This bass expert, known for his wobbles, shares a tasty dub lick that contains an encapsulating and unique Moonshine sound.


“Way of Life” / Sukh Knight remix
Catalogue No.: MS027
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release-date: 9th of September 2016
A. Squarewave – Way Of Life
B. Squarewave – Way Of Life (Sukh Knight remix)

Facebook: http://bit.ly/squarewave-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/squarewave-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/squarewave-sc

Sukh Knight
Facebook: http://bit.ly/sukhknight-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/sukhknight-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/sukhknight-sc

Moonshine Recordings
Facebook: http://bit.ly/moonshinerecs-fb
Twitter: http://bit.ly/moonshinerecs-twtr
SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/moonshinerecs-sc

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[Review] Lion’s Den with Violinbwoy

[Review] Lion’s Den with Violinbwoy

artworks-000178224478-h3xsd4-t500x500Two new 12” from Lion’s Den presents the work of very active recently Violinbwoy. The release LIONSCHOICEV02 is a pure heavyweight sweet with Echo Ranks on the vocals. The original version on the A side is dark and heavy Violinbwoy’s style, but on the flip side we get a remixed versions by Digitron Sound System and these guys did very nice work making this dub an electronic dub dance masher.

The earlier release LIONSCHOICEV01 is my favorite – Violinbwoy’s dub is an excellent mystical dub roller, voiced by Kali Green and Saralène. Thankfully we get two dub versions of this one, the beat made by drums is hypnotizing. The biggest surprise is a moody track called “Whole Heap A Trouble”, which is a musical masterpiece based mostly on piano part, I would say that it is very cinematic, because I can imagine it as soundtrack with easy. Additional version of this one is available as a digital download.

Well done with these one, truly modern dub vibes with a great musical spirit inside.



Lion’s Den – fire sound all around

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Bukkha Feat. Junior Dread – “Guns N Fiyah SP” (Dub-Stuy Records)

Bukkha Feat. Junior Dread – “Guns N Fiyah SP” (Dub-Stuy Records)

Artwork- DigitalForthcoming release from Dub-Stuy Records brings a massive, marching steppers produced by Bukkha with a charismatic Brazilian singer Junior Dread (which some of you can recognize from Moonshine Recordings presented on our site). His reggae-chanting voice style carries an important and timeless message, which humanity still needs to hear.

The next single from Dub-Stuy Records marks a return to conscious messages and uplifting vibrations with an international collaboration between American producer Bukkha and Brazilian vocalist Junior Dread alongside a remix from Paris’ Moresounds. ‘Guns N Fiyah’ speaks to the ills of the world and the
growing cries for justice emanating from the streets of America, Syria, and Brazil.

Bukkha, originally from Louisiana and now based in Spain, follows remix and behind-the-scene dubplate collaborations with Dub-Stuy with an irresistible stepping production for his first vinyl release on the label. Inspired by classic UK steppers and dub, ‘Guns N Fiyah’ is driven by a heavy bass line with floating guitar licks and ominous horns. Completing the production is a stunning vocal performance from São Paulo’s Junior Dread. One of the brightest rising stars on the international reggae scene, Junior Dread calls upon listeners with a conscious message that rises to a fever pitch in the chorus. Molded in the finest tradition of protest music, ‘Guns N Fiyah’ is an inspirational rallying cry for modern dancefloors.

The 12” also includes two dub versions of the title track: one by Bukkha and a special from Moresounds, the Parisian producer who’s been making waves in the bass music scene with releases for Om Unit and Doc Scott. As only he can, Moresounds transforms the original into a deep and cavernous eyes-down skanker. Completing the release is ‘Cocaine Dub’ by Bukkha, a bottom-heavy riddim that draws its own line between classic dub vibes and modern bass music.

A1. Guns N Fiyah ft. Junior Dread
A2. Dub N Fiyah
B1. Guns N Fiyah (Moresounds Dub)
B2. Cocaine Dub

LABEL: Dub-Stuy Records
ARTIST: Bukkha Feat. Junior Dread
FORMAT: 12” Vinyl/Digital
RELEASE DATE: September 16th, 2016
BARCODE/UPC: 4050486970515
CONTACT: laurent@dub-stuy.com




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[Release Info] “Hey Mister” – Althea Forrest & Togetherness (Jamwax)

[Release Info] “Hey Mister” – Althea Forrest & Togetherness (Jamwax)

Another big reissue at Jamwax. Reggae soul “Hey Mister” by Althea Forrest was produced in 1976 for famous producer and singer Derrick Harriott, now it’s back on 12” straight from Derrick’s master tapes.

JAMWAXMAXI03_A-500x500Release info:

Release ID: JAMWAX MAXI 03

Label: Jamwax

Format: 12” vinyl

Release date: 1st of July, 2106


A. Althea Forrest & Togetherness – Hey Mister

B. Version


Pre-order: http://www.jamwax.com/release/Althea-Forrest-Togetherness-Hey-Mister




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