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Mark Wonder – “Inalysis/Braveheart”

Mark Wonder – “Inalysis/Braveheart”

markwonderMark Wonder is one of those Jamaicans who don’t have to prove anything, having cooperating with reggae legends (, a lot of music and concerts on his account. The presented 10″ from Addis Records is a piece of great music on the highest level with a strong message and Mark’s beautiful vocals. The opening ‘Inalysis’ is an anthem to the freedom inna roots&culture style, where bass pulsates lively and the horns make it lofty, complementing this masterpiece (by the way, I haven’t been so magnetised and softened by roots for a long time). Alex Schneiter is responsible for the beautiful trumpet, additionally there is Jonah Dan on the percussion and Christine Miller in the chorus. Knowing that Russ D took care of the mastering I can freely say that the crew is built by true masters. The B side is a bit different, more lively, presenting a well-known riddim – ‘Tempo’. Mark introduces an amazing harmony that makes you feel grateful and the dub version deepens the experience. Of course, both of the tunes have a dub version.

A great release with beautiful music!


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