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Adwa Dubs – “Forward We Go”

Adwa Dubs – “Forward We Go”


It’s been a long time since last reviews of Brazilian dubs ( or However, we get back there thanks to Adwa Dubs from Curitiba, who also run a sound system. Release, that interested me is titled ‘Forward We Go’ and it is an album with contribution of 7 vocalists on mighty productions by Adwa Dubs. The music is a nice essence of sound system vibes mixed with melodic, contemporary dub. In the vocal versions Tenna Star with the eponymous ‘Forward we go’ and Sofia Besso with ‘Hypocrisy’ comes to the fore. We also get there Derajah & I-Kushna on a slightly digital riddim or Alienacao on a strong steppers, similarly to Monkey Jhayam, who already has some nice productions on his account. As for the instrumentals it’s definitely worth to mention ‘Full Moon’ with beautiful horns (reminding me Dubkasm) or ‘The ride of the warriors’, which is much more darker but a flute lightens it up.

To sum up – Adwa Dubs has done a really great job!

Posted by Bedi in Recenzje