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10 years of Control Tower Records

10 years of Control Tower Records

avatars-000001273629-9phbde-t500x500Control Tower Records label and shop has reached 10 years of being a part of a sound system business. Probably many of you dubheads have some of their records in your box. Due to 10th Anniversary, at the end of 2015 they let out another 7″ entitled “Love we want” voiced by one & only King General outta Bush Chemists crew. Riddim was made by Val (Dawa Hi Fi) and it’s digital style perfectly works with King General as usual. It is also worthy to check out three other 7″ promoted by Control Tower, released by Original Formula (Echo Roots & E.K.S.S. / Sweden). First one is “Rootikal” – ruff digital tune with mad E.C.U. on the vocal. Second one is calm and deep oriental stepper tune produced by London based Dairy Dub. Third one is another E.K.S.S. production which is a heavyweight steppa dub tune to make you jump and skank!

We wish Control Tower Family many successes during upcoming years of their great works! Forward!







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