Dub Soljah

Sista Sherin  – “Guiding Star”

Sista Sherin – “Guiding Star”


In the dub scene women are in minority – what a pity. Sista Sherin shows us on her album how the female voice pulls together with roots and dub music. You can ask who Sista Sherin is – she acts on German scene for ten years and records her tunes for Debter and Jah Free. She has often shown up with selectors – Shalamanda sound system (Austria), Jah Vibes (Germany), Jah Roots Hi-Fi (Switzerland) and many more. In her lyrics she spreads spiritual Rastafari message and the idea of spiritual revive carried by reggae music. Dub Soljah, known from Cultural Warriors Sound System (1998-2012), is responsible for the musical side of the album. He comes from Genewa, where he creates rhythms and mad remixes in UPfront Studio. The album itself, as the artist say, is a fruit of a mutual intensive amusement and work, as an effect of which they created 9 songs with Sista’s vocals and 9 dub versions. In the future they want to promote their work as Art’Ital Duet (Dub Soljah & Sista Sherin), and they want other vocalists to join them in collaborative gigs. During the production process Dub Soljah has been supported by Russ Disciples, Upfront Family, Kris Kemist, BackIIRoots and Rock Radio Hermes. My favourite tracks from the album are “Guiding Star” with a very good riddim called Disciples and “Sound System Rise”. The whole album is a shot of positive energy in roots and dub sauce and additionaly, or maybe above all, very pleasant, soft voice of Sista Sherin – without doubt Christine Miller has a great follower.

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