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Michael Exodus // Dub-O-Matic Records – Dub Basement Studio

Michael Exodus // Dub-O-Matic Records – Dub Basement Studio

1796737_10203319735532375_544473776_oName: Michael Exodus // Dub-O-Matic Records – DUB BASEMENT STUDIO

Description: The “Dub Basement Studio” is located in Roma, little but comfortable! In the studio I produce Roots Reggse, Dub, Steppa, also dubplates service, and I record artist like Idren Natural, Dan I, Earl 16, Dub Judah, Weeding dub…
My Label is Dub-O-Matic records, 2 x 7″ and 1 x 12″ vinyl out from 2012.
The equipment is full analog, but I use also Virtual instruments.

Mixer Desk: Fostex2440
Soundcard: Motu 828mk3 + ADA8000
FX: Troots effect Ft1 Dub Filter
BeniDub Digital Echo
Roland DC30 Echo/Chorus
V11238221_10206778772046126_3236887608510633181_oermona Spring Reverb (+ eq, vcf, vga)
Phaser pitch shifter Boss PH3
ProphecySound Pi-Phase Mu-Tron clone
Alesis Air Fx

Synth: Quasimidi Sirious Key
Quasimidi Quasar Rack
Roland MKS50 (Juno rack)
Korg Electribe EA1
Keyboards: Yamaha YPT-300
Sampler: Korg Electribe ES1
Monitor: KRK Rockit 8″ – KRK Rockit 5″ – Subwoofer 10″ Event
Control Room: Mackie Bigknob

Macbookpro – 10.8
DAW: Ableton 9 – Logic 9 – Reason 5/6

1913468_10203348976063370_382698089_oHomepage: https://www.facebook.com/dubomaticrecords

Location: Roma / Italy

Contact: dubomaticrecords@gmail.com

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New section Dub Studio is now on – Russ D (The Disciples) for a start!

New section Dub Studio is now on – Russ D (The Disciples) for a start!

BYstudiorussWe invite you to a new section – Dub Studio – whose goal is to show studios in which dub sounds are created. This section is open to both amateurs and professionals – everybody can submit (via this form) and  the most interesting entries will be published.

At the beginning we feel proud and honored to be able to present one of the greatest artists of dub, a brilliant composer and producer, extremely creative and active – ladies and gentlemen – Russ D and Backyard Studio!

Russ D – Backyard Studio

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