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[Release Info] Earl Sixteen “Jah Is Our Ruler” / Danman – “Can’t Stop The Rastaman” (Indica Dubs)

[Release Info] Earl Sixteen “Jah Is Our Ruler” / Danman – “Can’t Stop The Rastaman” (Indica Dubs)

The forthcoming Indica Dubs release (release date 7th of March) brings two great voices and styles over pure session steppa vibes prepared by Indica Dubs. Earl Sixteen’s sweet singing in “Jah is Our Ruler” is followed by well-known Danman’s rub-a-dub style. On the flip side we get two dub versions.

All tracks mixed by Conscious Sounds.



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[Review] Dubble – “Signs of The Time” [Dub Tunnel Records]

[Review] Dubble – “Signs of The Time” [Dub Tunnel Records]


It’s 4th release by the Croatians from Dubble, this time vocally backed up by recently very active Earl 16. The A side is owned by him – in ‘Signs of The Time’ his voice, on a heavy steppers rhythm with a lot of electronics, brings up a meditational mood and doesn’t let you forget important matters. The dub version is a great display of Dubble duo great FX abilities, also proved by B side and ‘Hurachi’, where inconspicuous brass instruments cause shivers and the deep bass alongside dark atmosphere create a soundsystem killer with a non-trivial dub version.

I hope they keep it up and please us with more music!


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[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 – Part 3 (Jarring Effects)

[Review] Dub Invaders vol. 3 – Part 3 (Jarring Effects)

Adobe Photoshop PDFDub Invaders strike with the part 3 of their 3rd release series. And they strikes literally with the help of cosmic guns and lasers. The A side is something like “Scientist meets The Space Invaders” on steroids – ruff&tuff heavy digital steppea combined made by Natural High Dubs with mild vocals of Shanti D is kicking us outerspace. 100% of heavyweight stuff!

On the flip side we get also deep dub and the dangerous atmosphere created by Fabassstone perfectly suits with beautiful Earl’s 16 vocal and lyrics about global warming.

The release is available in good record shops now.

And check the other parts if you don’t know it yet:






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[Review] Bababoom Hi Fi – “We Play Sound” ft. Earl Sixteen / “Life On Line” ft. I-Mitri

[Review] Bababoom Hi Fi – “We Play Sound” ft. Earl Sixteen / “Life On Line” ft. I-Mitri

1204-label-a-wItalian crew Bababoom Hi Fi has just released 12” with two brilliant tracks on the same, massive and heavy one drop riddim. “We Play Sound” is a soundsystem culture anthem with Earl 16 on the vocals. On the flip side we hear I-Mitri with  great and important lyrics about social media and internet. It’s crucial for us to use them wisely and keep our distance, so it’s very good when such real-life, social topics are raised.

Getting back to the riddim – The Roots Defender band did a masterful work. Melodies and lyrics just flow on heavy bassline, one-drop beat with a perfect tempo just invites us to dance. Looking forward to play and hear this tune on a soundsystem session!



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[Release info] Earl 16 / Bisweed / Chaozlevel – “Righteous Groove” (Strictly Dub Records)

[Release info] Earl 16 / Bisweed / Chaozlevel – “Righteous Groove” (Strictly Dub Records)

A-SDRV7003Good news from Tallinn, Estonia! The next release from Strictly Dub Records brings well-known and wonderful voice of Earl Sixteen on the extraordinary steppers riddim made by Bisweed, followed by dub version in a slow, deep and heavy fashion.

“We return with our next release and at this time we proudly present a local production by a young Estonian musician – Bisweed. At this time we issue a 45 record on the A side of which there is a vocal support by the living legend Earl 16 with a song called “Righteous Groove”, and on the B side, an exclusive dub mix called “Righteous Melodica” by the head of label Simon Chaozlevel and melodica played by Bisweed.

Bisweed hasn’t yet worked with dub music but over the last years he has established himself as a potential dubstep producer. His skills though help him record vocals, classical dub melodica and a dub mix with ease. Since Bisweed is mostly inspired by the British dub music, on the A side of the record you can hear disconcertingly dark, deep and heavy sub and a strict stepper beat. However the horn section in the chorus parts adds composition a delightful elevation and melodiousness. Earl Sixteen’s legendary voice wafts through the rough and tough riddim. The roots and culture lyrics add this creation even more harmony and balance.

Since we are trying to keep classical tradition, we have a dub version on B side. The version differs from original much: it’s much more raw, it’s not a stepper, the expanded bass gives the music more meditational atmosphere while melodica played by Bisweed clinks just at the right moments. Light and minimalistic percussions by Simon Chaozlevel add rhythmical allure to the composition. Righteous Melodica! Music on the both sides was composed, arranged and mixed by Bisweed in his studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Earl Sixteen had a record session in Birmingham, UK, in Friendly Fire Studio. The mastering sound quality and lacquer cut is guaranteed by Sam from Precise Mastering. Simon Chaozlevel recorded the dub version and made everything possible issuing this wonderful record for you! You won’t often hear a combo of dub from Tallinn and a Jamaican singer!”


Earl Sixteen / Bisweed / Chaozlevel 7”

45RPM // SDRV7003

Strictly Dub Records – Tallinn, Estonia

September 2016 // Vinyl & Digital Download



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[Release info] Earl Sixteen – “Conquering Lion” / Danman – “Jah Guide & Protect” (Indica Dubs)

[Release info] Earl Sixteen – “Conquering Lion” / Danman – “Jah Guide & Protect” (Indica Dubs)

ISS041A LabelAugust release from Indica Dubs featuring two big vocalists – Earl 16 and Danman singing on rootical riddims. As ususal 100% soundsystem vibes!

“Second Indica Dubs release to feature the Studio 1 legend, Earl Sixteen, after the hit release ‘Let Jah’ last year. Also, featuring Saxophone Rootsman (hailing from Holland) with the live sax on the dub mix. The flip side featuring non-other than Danman, outta the mighty Iration Steppas sound system.
The third Indica Dubs release with Danman, with Shelly Ravid providing the backing vocals in the chorus.
All tracks produced by Sukh (Indica Dubs) and Angelo (Forward Fever).
Played exclusively by King Shiloh as dubplate!”

Side A1: Earl Sixteen – Conquering Lion
Side A2: Saxophone Rootsman – Conquering Horns
Side B1: Danman – Jah Guide & Protect
Side B2: Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever – Guiding Dub

Limited press, pre-Order the 10″ vinyl and/or get digital download instantly here: www.indicadubs.com/shop and www.indicadubs.bandcamp.com

Available from mid/late August 2016 at all good record shops worldwide.

More info:
Website: www.indicadubs.com
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/indicadubs
YouTube: www.youtube.com/indicadubs
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/indicadubs
Twitter / Instagram: @indicadubs


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[Release Info] King Yoof ft Earl 16 & MC Spee – “Lion Sleeps No More” – Moonshine Recordings

[Release Info] King Yoof ft Earl 16 & MC Spee – “Lion Sleeps No More” – Moonshine Recordings

The first single from King Yoof’s upcoming dub album ‘Homage To The King’. A limited edition vinyl only release.

Release Info:

A. Lion Sleeps No More
B. Dub Sleeps No More

Label: Moonshine Recordings

Release ID: MS025

Format: 10″ vinyl / no digital
Release date: 29th April 2016







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Indica Dubs – “Let Jah”

Indica Dubs – “Let Jah”

a1954934285_10This is one of these records which draws attention not only thanks to music, but also because of a story – and as a reviewer, writer and an educated historian I love this the same as a resonating bass, delays and echoes. Indica Dubs, Earl 16 and also Bredda Neil from King Shiloh are the main characters of this story. It started in 2012, when Indica went to King Shiloh’s session in London, where a new 12” with Earl 16 was introduced to a public. He was given a copy of this release from Bredda Neil with his autograph, later in the night he got also Earl’s autograph and they exchanged contacts fur some future works. After 3 years this story had a happy end, when Indica called Earl and proposed recording a 10”. Earl reacted with huge enthusiasm, he remembered their first meeting. Thanks to this short story we get 4 amazing tracks. “Let Jah” is a beautiful Earl’s singing with a conscious lyrics, additionally we have a dub version made in cooperation with Forward Fever. On the flip side we have the riddim enhanced by a lovely violin played by Marriane and a dub version.


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