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[Review] “Musical Order” / “Rocking Time” / “To The max!” / “Dub Order” (Forward Fever Recordings)

[Review] “Musical Order” / “Rocking Time” / “To The max!” / “Dub Order” (Forward Fever Recordings)

forwardAfter many great releases and co-operations, Belgian Forward Fever decided to launch their own label Forward Fever Recordings and release this “debut” 12”. As they wrote:

“This release is a special livication to all soundman and woman who inspired us over the years! All singers & players, all promotors pushing the roots and culture vibes and everyone supporting soundsystem culture!”

The release comes with one riddim with 3 vocal versions and 1 dub. Idren Natural, Ras Cloud, Ion One and Rudy Roots are praising what we love to the max – sound system culture, music and the message it delivers. The riddim maintains the high level we are used to from previous Forward Fever’s productions – rich sound, beautifully arranged compositons with warm horns and bass.

Another top release!

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[Release info] Earl Sixteen – “Conquering Lion” / Danman – “Jah Guide & Protect” (Indica Dubs)

[Release info] Earl Sixteen – “Conquering Lion” / Danman – “Jah Guide & Protect” (Indica Dubs)

ISS041A LabelAugust release from Indica Dubs featuring two big vocalists – Earl 16 and Danman singing on rootical riddims. As ususal 100% soundsystem vibes!

“Second Indica Dubs release to feature the Studio 1 legend, Earl Sixteen, after the hit release ‘Let Jah’ last year. Also, featuring Saxophone Rootsman (hailing from Holland) with the live sax on the dub mix. The flip side featuring non-other than Danman, outta the mighty Iration Steppas sound system.
The third Indica Dubs release with Danman, with Shelly Ravid providing the backing vocals in the chorus.
All tracks produced by Sukh (Indica Dubs) and Angelo (Forward Fever).
Played exclusively by King Shiloh as dubplate!”

Side A1: Earl Sixteen – Conquering Lion
Side A2: Saxophone Rootsman – Conquering Horns
Side B1: Danman – Jah Guide & Protect
Side B2: Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever – Guiding Dub

Limited press, pre-Order the 10″ vinyl and/or get digital download instantly here: and

Available from mid/late August 2016 at all good record shops worldwide.

More info:
Twitter / Instagram: @indicadubs


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[Review] “Dub Revolution” series – Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever, Crucial Alphonso, Echo Vault

[Review] “Dub Revolution” series – Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever, Crucial Alphonso, Echo Vault

IMG_9039The next triple 7” set from Indica Dubs was inspired by Belgium “Dub Revolution” event, where he performed in November 2015. Sukh invited three talented producers from this growing scene. Forward Fever has already co-operated with him on previous releases, here they prepared a mystical and monumental instrumental dub “Jah Lead Us” with old-school sounds of strings and horns. “Oluwa” with Crucial Alphonso is a massive, rolling steppers with a strong, main theme. The last one – “Judgement Dub” with Echo Vault is the fastest one, also in a heavyweight style. The nice things is that all three 7” are different but have a common mood – mystical, deep and heavy dub, where melodies are built mainly with horns and strings sounds.

Tuff vibes, highly recommended for all dubheads!

Release info:

Release ID: ISS038-40

Format: 7” / Digital

Label: Indica Dubs

Release date: June 2016



At the record shops from:
Part 1: 24th June
Part 2: 13th July
Part 3: 29th July


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Indica Dubs & Forward Fever feat. Danman – “The Wisest Live Long”

Indica Dubs & Forward Fever feat. Danman – “The Wisest Live Long”

Promo BannerForthcoming release by London-based Indica Dubs scheduled for end of the March is another cooperation with talented Belgian producer Forward Fever and the second one featuring Danman from Iration Steppas crew and.  In “The Wisest Live Long” he flows on the riddim at his best. On the flip side we get pure instrumental with nice melodies and fast tempo. Pure sound system vibes!


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Roots Revival Souns System in Session // 27.02.2016 // Warszawa

Roots Revival Souns System in Session // 27.02.2016 // Warszawa

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posterRoots Revival Soundsystem in Session to zapowiedź wielkiego powrotu imprez soundsystemowych w stolicy. Znów regularnie będziemy się spotykać na sesjach roots&culture/dubwise/reggae music! Począwszy od lutego, gościć w Warszawie będziemy absolutną czołówkę Selektorów, Producentów i Soundów szeroko pojętej sceny basowej z kraju i zagranicy. Kto pamięta jeszcze dawne sesje z Burakowskiej czy Dobrej Karmy, ten wie czego się spodziewać. Ogień!

Uczta dla wszystkich miłośników niskich częstotliwości i solidnego przekazu płynących z potężnych głośników oraz dla wszystkich innych otwartych na nowe, muzyczne doznania. Bas masuje trzewia 🙂 a nogi same rwą się do tańca, którego nie ma końca do rana. Tego wieczoru czeka Nas również spotkanie z grającym na melodyce Luca Dread z Włoch, a swoje selekcje zaprezentują Wam Forward Ever (Dub Reaktion) z Wielkiej Brytanii oraz trzymający trójmiejski puls Pandadread Soundsystem. Na swoim Soundsystemie ugości wszystkich Roots Revival , który zaserwuje klasycznie solidną porcję dubwise reggae music!

Nucleus Roots ✩ feat. Simon Dan (UK)
✩ Forward Ever (UK)
✩ Lucadread (IT) / gość specjalny /
✩ Pandadread Sound (Trójmiasto)
✩ Roots Revival Soundsystem (Warszawa)

sobota / 27.02.16 / SDQ / Burakowska 12 / Warszawa
Wejście: 20 zł (do 20.02) / 30 zł (od.20.02)

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Indica Dubs – “Let Jah”

Indica Dubs – “Let Jah”

a1954934285_10This is one of these records which draws attention not only thanks to music, but also because of a story – and as a reviewer, writer and an educated historian I love this the same as a resonating bass, delays and echoes. Indica Dubs, Earl 16 and also Bredda Neil from King Shiloh are the main characters of this story. It started in 2012, when Indica went to King Shiloh’s session in London, where a new 12” with Earl 16 was introduced to a public. He was given a copy of this release from Bredda Neil with his autograph, later in the night he got also Earl’s autograph and they exchanged contacts fur some future works. After 3 years this story had a happy end, when Indica called Earl and proposed recording a 10”. Earl reacted with huge enthusiasm, he remembered their first meeting. Thanks to this short story we get 4 amazing tracks. “Let Jah” is a beautiful Earl’s singing with a conscious lyrics, additionally we have a dub version made in cooperation with Forward Fever. On the flip side we have the riddim enhanced by a lovely violin played by Marriane and a dub version.


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