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Frenchtown Hi Fi Vol 1

Frenchtown Hi Fi Vol 1

BandeauFrenchTownlogonewFor the first time on two CDs we get amazing, insightful producers and vocalists in 35 tunes, which present the sound system scene condition in France – this is how the massive medley Frenchtown Hi Fi vol 1 is advertised. It’s been a long time since a release such like that, a few years ago there were netlabel albums Italian Dub Community or even our Dub out of Poland, but we have not seen something like that from France or UK recently.

The playlist itself made me realize that it’s mandatory release. I remember a lot of similar albums, which disappointed me, but this time it’s different… it’s just a firecracker! The division, which I noticed (but maybe it’s just my taste and loose interpretation) is interesting too: on the first CD i see heavyweight steppers tunes, and the second seems to contain more UK roots/steppers tracks in Twinkle Brothers or Aswad style at their best – so beloved by Jah Shaka.

tracklisting Frenchtown HiFi vol.1CD 1 is K-Sann, who recently released a heavy album on ODG netlabel, here supported by beautiful voice of Sista Irecla. There are my favorites Roots Ista Posse with Ras Mykha and a killer “Tell Dem Again”, then Daba Makourejah from Rootical 45 calms us down a bit. There is also Barbes D with amazing vocalist Ras Hassen Ti, Jacin with strong tune “Conscious Education”, we also get beautiful horns, melodica and vocal of Sista Auda, Far East and Iny Boca. Val Dawa hits us with a heavy tune and Humble Youth deigns us with beautiful harmony. At the end of the first CD there is Ackboo with great energy, which encourage us to listen to the second part. Here, on the beginning, there is beautiful tune “Change” by Jazzy Lei – you just want to sing Love is Harmony with her. Then you dive into wonderful mood of Mo Kalamity and The Wizards with lovely violin in the background. Jacko and Simon Nyabin confuse me because I thought that it’s Twinke Brothers at their best shape! The next tunes are solid productions with upscale vocalists – Marina P doesn’t need to be introduced, Yehoud I is a revelation of the last year, especially on “Likkle zion” and Joe Pilgrim proves his unusual talent. We have to add few more to the bunch: Sista Bethsabee with Creation Culture stepped into digital reggae climate and Sista Charlote with ITP Music present us best UK dub style. On the end there is Fu – Steps known from ODG netlabel releases.

To sum up, it’s a great medley which can be listened without end. Most of the tunes got their dub versions on the highest level, which made this album complete. Listen to the French dub, it’s really worth!

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