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Cultural Warriors & Krs One – “Green Related”

Cultural Warriors & Krs One – “Green Related”

I think there is no need of a wide presentation of those artists – Cultural Warriors are Swiss who destroyed many dance floors all over the Europe with their remixes and dubplates, Krs One is a living hip-hop legend. It’s not often for the soundsystem environment to cooperate and produce with the hip-hop one, but when it comes to it, it must be a banger. The single “Green Related” contains 5 tunes: two hip-hop versions, two stepper ones and one reggae-hip-hop. On the vocal versions we can hear Krs One rhyming about militant Swiss from Geneva, in the dub version Lion Paw (one of the producers from Cultural Warriors) confirms that he is talented by amazingly connecting steppers with a heavy beat, reverbs and a rumbling bass. I hope that Cultural Warriors will release more things like that – with a conscious message and highest musical level. 




Posted by Bedi in Recenzje