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Nello B – “Vibes Overdue”

Nello B – “Vibes Overdue”

nelloB-rectoAlthough Nello B (Nelson Barret) isn’t a novice, I didn’t know him before I got that album. I made up that lack of knowledge quickly and with a huge surprise began to check out musical achievements of that Jamaican. He performed alongside sound systems like Cultural Warriors, Koogah, Black Messenjah, RDK, Little Lion and bands The Vibes Crew, Restless Mashaits, Mix Up Race and Positiv Band. I’ve been shocked when I saw who is responsible for the music on the album: OBF/Top Ranking Geneva, Romain Iron Dubz, Duss Disciple, Yannis Rockradiohermes Ruben – impressing top producers.

The album is opened by tune named “Keep the faya burnin” made by OBF with a dub version. That dark track proves that the French are in the best shape and Nello fills it with an amazing power using his voice. The next 4 tunes are mixed by Russ D. “No love” is a steppers with pleasant singing by Nello B, in “InI Soldier” he’s supported by Christine Miller, what with a beautiful melodica creates a very good track. “Run run run” is a solid dub. In the next tune appears a guest well known in the whole world – Brother Culture and Addis Pablo plays on melodica, the integrity sounds brilliant. Tune number 6 was created by Iron Dubz – French, who specialize in heavy dub sounds, “Full Time” in junction with Nello’s voice is a tune, which will be played on sessions all over the world. To be honest, every single track from that album deserves to be played anywhere reggae dub sounds are welcome. Nello B also refers the roots, in “Stop that Train” the winds and rhythmic section work together really good and make one of the calmest tracks on the album. “Country Life” is one of the tunes that makes your body move to the rhythm. Lyrically Nello B is excellent, for example in “Good over Evil” and his voice calms you down, even if he sings about such important things. The last regular tune is “Dance&Shout”, which has incredible power, as it’s mixed by Russ D. On the desert we have 2 dub versions, one by OBF, which I mentioned before, and the second one is “Diamonds&dub”.

Nello B lives in Switzerland. He recorded the vocals in Geneva, where Addis Records (they released that amazing album) is placed. It’s worth to hear it, for a long time I haven’t heard an album, where the voice fits every tune so well. 



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