Jago – “The Wicked Try” (12”)

Jago – “The Wicked Try” (12”)

jago2On December 18th there will be a premiere of Jago’s single, who is taking part in onlyjoe project (we have already written about them) and in Hylu&Jago duet (producer from Unit137). That talented vocalist with a characteristic voice is working on a solo album, and “The Wicked Try” is a foretaste. The Sea is responsible for the pulsating riddim and there are 3 MCs alongside Hylu: Serocee, Ghost Writerz & Junior Dangerous. Additionaly, on the single you can hear wicked remix by DJ Vadim, who ties up cosmic dub with hip hop rhythm. 

Label: Hundred Years, format: 12” vinyl / digital


Ghost Writerz: http://fb.com/gwzuk

Junior Dangerous: https://www.facebook.com/JuniorDangerous

Serocee: https://www.facebook.com/Serocee



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