Junior Greg

Junior Greg – CHILDREN OF JAH – Roots & Uk Dub Mixtape

Junior Greg – CHILDREN OF JAH – Roots & Uk Dub Mixtape

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Zapraszamy do odsłuchu Junior Grega z Ruff Puff pierwszego mixtape’u, mix ten to przekrój przez  zainteresowania muzyczne Juniora czyli ponad 2 godziny roots reggae i dub. Trochę nowości, trochę staroci, 100% Roots and Culture, 100% Vinyl, 100% Sound system style.

UWAGA!!! Nisko osadzony bas! Preferowana forma odsłuchu: nagłośnienie z dużym zapasem mocy lub słuchawki dobrej jakości.

Artwork by Panczen.

Play it loud & enjoy!

Tracklista: 1. Natural Roots – Children of Jah (Only Roots) 2. Rockstones – Oh Jah Man (Observer) 3. Martin Campbell – Tell The World (Log On!) 4. Hi Tech Roots Dynamics – Tell The World Dub (Log On!) 5. Linval Thompson – Jah Jah Is The Conqueror (Earmark) 6. Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement (Kingstone Sounds) 7. Gregory Isaacs – If You See My Mary (African Museum) 8. Tony Tuff – Dance In The Area (Dub Irator, Digikiller Records) 9. Cultural Roots – Devilites (Revolutionarys Sounds) 10. The Revolutionaries – Dubites Dub Plates Mix (Revolutionarys Sounds) 11. Scion Sashay Success – Young Africans (Life Music) 12. Mikey Jarrett – Starvation (14 Karat, Digikiller Records) 13. Universal Love – Sufferation part 1 (Deep Roots) 14. Universal Love – Sufferation part 2 (Deep Roots) 15. Nereus Joseph – Jah Guide I (Unique Sounds) 16. Nereus Joseph – Jah Guide I Dub Mix (Unique Sounds) 17. Alton Ellis – Zulu Man (Jah Warrior Records) 18. Fu-Steps – Coz We Are Youth (Orcast) 19. Fu-Steps Collective – Dub We Are Youth (Orcast) 20. Dixie Peach – A Long Way To Go (Disciples Vintage) 21. Disciples – Dub It To Addis Ababa (Disciples Vintage) 22. Disciples – Addis Ababa Flute Mix 1 (Disciples Vintage) 23. Lioness Laylah – Olhem Para Africa (High Fya Records) 24. Jah kNomoh & Quilombolas Allstars – Dub Para Africa (High Fya Records) 25. Lyrical Benjie – Fight To Survive (Livication Corner) 26. King General – Put Down The Gun /Steppers Remix/ (Jah Warrior Records) 27. Dan I Locks – How Long (Black Redemption) 28. Ackboo – How Long Dub (Black Redemption) 29. Danny Red – Jahovah (Early Bird Recordings) 30. Makiko Feat Prince Iquela & Kyan – Roots Mountain (Roots Temple) 31. Ras Tweed – Against It (Digitron Records) 32. Radikal Dub Sound – Dub Against (Digitron Records) 33. Wicked Dub Division feat. King Shasa – Recreation (Wicked Dub Division) 34. Wicked Dub Division – Recreation Dub (Wicked Dub Division) 35. Keety Roots – Mighty Long Way (Black Legacy) 36. Keety Roots – Mighty Long Way Verse 3 (Black Legacy)

Odsłuch online na Talawa (jakosc MP3 320 kbps): [www.talawa.fr]

Download (WAV 1024 kbps 880 MB): [docs.google.com]

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